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Queen + Adam Lambert confirmed for The X Factor 2014

Queen + Adam Lambert
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  1. Maggie Magoo says:

    Thanks for the actual date. Now I just have to figure out which network and the time….after Adam, I couldn’t watch any of these shows again–unless, of course, Adam was on..even 30 seconds of mentoring was always worth tuning in.

  2. SweetfourGlambert says:

    Adam Lambert is an amazing singer. Best of this generation …

  3. rr3A says:

    Queen music is for all ages….thanks to this collaboration the new generation who know the catalog can experience the thrill of a true rock & roll concert being performed LIVE!!!!

  4. Rosie says:

    They are the perfect match

  5. Gerry says:

    Adam Lambert is truly awful and nothing compared to the legend that was Freddie Mercury. Queen have lost the plot taking Lambert on board!

    1. Jay says:

      Poor Gerry.

      1. Gerry says:

        Poor Jay for liking the crap of Lambert – i pity you.

    2. Fran says:

      So I guess you won’t watch? 🙂 To each his own. I think Adam Lambert is fantastic, Freddie and Elvis rolled into one fabulous performer.

      1. Gerry says:

        you have just insulted 2 great artists there saying Lambert is Freddie & Elvis rolled into one! Your forgetting something though, Freddie was more talented than Lambert and Elvis put together.
        Lambert can not write songs or play a musical instrument.
        Freddie wrote music was a great pianist and showman and a fantastic artist! Please think before you write next time please.
        In a nutshell, Lambert will never be a legend, just your run of the mill singer, he is nothing magnificent like King Mercury.

        1. Yvette says:

          Adam Lambert is already Iconic…and a LEGEND. No one can compete with Adam Lambert in any way possible. So your wrong. Freddie is a Legend and Iconic as well…just like Elvis, Michael J,…..they just are incomparable in their own way. So you sound silly.

          1. Gerry says:

            A legend and only been on the stage 5 minutes, dont make me laugh. Do you actually know what the word legend means?
            Adam Lambert is nothing but a gloryfied karaoke singer, but if you believe the hype, fill your boots.
            You do realise Lambert would not have a career if it was not for Queen foolishly taking him on board!
            He only dreams he could be as good as freddie, and he never will be.
            I have been a Queen fan for over 40 years and believe me no one can do justice to any Queen song except Freddie.

    3. Yvette says:

      One Lonely hater out here! Awww…I pity you. The hundreds of thousands selling out all the ARENAS WORLD WIDE to see Queen and Adam Lambert Dream Team all feel different! Everyone leaves the concerts Exhilarated with their Jaws Dropped, completely blown away and knows they just witnessed History being made. That’s all that matters.

      1. Gerry says:

        yeah history in that Queen are a complete car crash now!

        1. Yvette says:

          LEGEND: ADAM LAMBERT: an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.
          synonyms:celebrity, star, superstar, icon, phenomenon, luminary;

          LEGEND: ADAM LAMBERT : a famous or important person who is known for doing something extremely well
          icon·ic adjective ī-ˈkä-nik ADAM LAMBERT
          : of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an icon
          a : widely recognized and well-established b : widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence And you have the Audacity to call yourself a QUEEN fan and say they are a “Car Crash”! Have you seen Queen LIVE with Freddie or Adam Lambert live? I have seen both Queen with Freddie and Adam LIVE, in addition to almost every Iconic classic rock band. When music was the real deal, powerful pitch perfect vocals Live without Autotune, backtracks, and flawless instrumentals. I was there, front rows, witnessing first hand mind blowing music coming alive on stage along with theatrics. This is how I grew up with music! Then I witnessed the frustrating era of the music industry making a studio created “Singer” that goes on stage with Autotune, Backtracks and can not sing a note LIVE! This is what this generation calls music! This is ridiculous! When Adam Lambert feel from the sky with his Extraordinary, Phenomenal Incomparable VOCALS, I woke up and got Exhilarated that we have a new Gift in music that is REAL and Authentic. Then when I saw him perform LIVE without ANY autotune or backtracks, just his Real Deal Raw Powerful Pitch Perfect VOCALS, it was the most extraordinary thing I have ever witnessed! Adam LAmbert can sing while performing for HOURS and his VOCALS remain FLAWLESS! Adams Voice LIVE is a magical, spiritual experience and out of ALL the Iconic bands I have seen Live, NONE COMPARE OR ARE BETTER THAN ADAM LAMBERT VOCALLY! This is not an opinion, but a FACT! You may not like the tone of Adams voice, but he has the most powerfully controlled, pitch perfect and range than anyone. I’m sorry that’s hard for you to accept. It must be hard for you to hear Brian and Roger say that “even Freddie couldn’t sing those notes as well as Adam for hours, night after night”. Queen knows this first hand and saw the same in Adam and that is why they joined forces! You can never REPLACE an iconic artist like Freddie, or any other iconic singer, and that’s not what Queen is doing. They are bringing their music back to LIFE and the “Show must Go On”, and like Brian may said, “Adam Lambert is a Gift From God to Us”! Together it is Exhilarating MAGIC like I’ve never witnessed before and I’m so blessed that I have been able to see Queen with Freddie and now Adam. I know you are coming from your loyalty for Freddie, BUT if you TRY and open your mind, and go to a concert, you will understand this Phenomenon happening! I saw die hard Queen fans completely Blown Away by Adam after the concerts! There is no denying this and the entire Music industry is excited what this Dream Team has in store for us. The coolest part is the uniting of all generations Worldwide. That’s what makes this historic and Phenomenal!

          1. Gerry says:

            yvette: Believe me i have sat down and listened very carefully
            to adam singing and yes he has a sharpe loud voice, but no tone or style to it, he would be great in a west end musical but fronting a rock group as massive as Queen is taking the micky
            for Freddie was voted the greatest rock singer ever in a recent poll and adam can not be considered a legend when he has not done anything to prove this.
            When he does something amazing then i will review what i have said but until then i think in 40 years time he will be well forgotton. just another american idol screacher.
            i have seen freddie live 5 times and every time was blown away by his regal presence and vocals.
            Adam for me is flat on presence and certainly does not light a stadium up like freddie.
            On the xfactor last night here in the uk, adam struggled with “somebody to love” He is taking on songs bigger than himself.
            He needs to get on with his career and leave Queen well alone for they are not suited and many Queen and rock fans the world over agree.
            i know you like adam but he really needs to find something more suitable for his sharpe screaching voice.