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Psycho Mythology – Who are Norman & Norma Bates?

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  1. Bates Motel says:

    Psycho is amazing!
    the remake, not so much.
    and that tv show, bates motel?
    jesus, after watching the old ones last Halloween, it seems like a watered down version!
    seriously, the mother isn’t crazy enough or scary, just some woman with a motel, big deal.
    and Freddie highmore sucked as norman, sorry kid, but only Anthony Perkins IS norman bates, not you.
    skip the stupid tv show and go watch the oldies, they’re the best!
    Rest in Peace Anythony Perkins, you were one great, crazy psycho!
    And I loooooooooooooooooooooove crazy look he gives at the end of the movie!
    so creepy!
    hahahaha, I even have a “Bates Motel” sign hanging in my window that I made,
    and yes, it does say, WE HAVE VACANCY!
    Wanna Stay?
    We all go a little mad sometimes!