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Penny Dreadful season 2: 10 things we want

Penny Dreadful
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  1. HotAirConditioning says:

    Darker stories?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Are you f*&^@~+ for real?! The Possession episode was absolutely terrifying! If a show with buckets of gore, freakish vampires, corpses and mutilations all over the shop isn’t cutting the mustard for you on the darkness front you should go see somebody, Pip!

    1. Pip_EntFocus says:

      Ha ha! It’s not that dark though is it? If you compare the show to say Hannibal or American Horror Story there’s absolutely no comparison. Penny Dreadful is incredibly tame for a Showtime show.

  2. RobotFists says:

    WOW. I was expecting to read an article that was going to relate to commentary about a show that I really feel was a hell of a lot of fun in the first season, and a wish list for what could potentially happen in season 2.

    This post ended up being a weakly-supported criticism of the show, which ended up ruining the whole thing. Number one on your list is a better story arc? Seriously?

    It’d be interesting to see how you’d do in a room with John Logan, J.A. Bayona, and the rest of the folks that have developed a very promising start to this show; I think that you’d be singing a very different tune.

    Wait… maybe you should ask Showtime if you could jump on board and direct… or maybe snatch the pen out of Logan’s hand and write some episodes?

    Until then, we’re all going to have to simply suffer through the show… but hopefully (fingers crossed) your assessment of the first season will get into the right hands, and you’ll be able to school these no-talent hacks and get them on the right track!

    Looking forward to seeing your name in the credits for Season 2… but not holding my breath.

    1. Pip_EntFocus says:

      Hi there RobotFists. Firstly thanks for taking time to read the article. I’m sorry that it wasn’t the article you expected to read but I’d invite you to actually offer some discussion points rather than providing nothing more than a sarcastic commentary. I actually state in the article that I largely enjoyed the show’s first season so unless you thought it was the most perfect show you’d ever seen then there are clearly going to be things that need improving and/or fine tuning after a debut season. Nowhere in my article do I suggest I should be writing or directing the show – I’m simply a viewer who has an opinion and as a journalist an critic that is my job. When you’re ready to actually have a discussion and put your case forward against the points you don’t agree with please do so here. Until then, from one Penny Dreadful fan to another – being sarcastic and mean isn’t big or clever. Try keeping the tone pleasant 🙂

  3. Mat Jones says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this show, from start to finish, and whilst I agree it could be polished, few first seasons were as strong out the gate as this – Hannibal being one of the few exceptions to the rule.

    As to your comments, Pip, I have mixed feelings.

    With Sir Malcolm and Ms Ives having patched things up, I agree that a new conflict within the party will be necessary, as it inevitably is in any good show. Ethan and The Wolf Man story should be a great start for this. So to the conflict that will come of Caliban and his potential “Bride” or Dorian and his dalliances..

    I would also be interested in learning more of Sir Malcolm, simply because Timothy Dalton is phenomenal (and always has been!). However, I strongly disagree with the need to explore the relationship between him and Sambene. I loved Sambene’s summary of their relationship. Somethings are best left a mystery, and like Wolverine’s origins, I feel this would be a mistake to delve into, although more so for Sambene than his ‘master’.

    With regards to Billie Piper, I actually found it a refreshing change to have someone pull off a pretty damn impressive Irish accent. I understand that for those not used to the brogue of the real Irish it might prove difficult to comprehend, but to question her performance of it….I would simply say, listen more closely and learn. However, I think she should lose it come her resurrection, reinforcing the blank slate concept displayed by Proteus and Caliban.

    As for Dorian Gray, I thought he was excellently played. I would like to see more of his story delved into come Season 2, but I like how he was more of a fringe character here, albeit a vital one as his meddlings were often the driving force of the story or character development. I would like to see more of his internal struggle unveiled.

    Darkness? Hmmmm, I felt this show oozed a majestic darkness. Yes, its not as psychological as Hannibal or deviant as American Horror Story, but I think it set its own tone for the series, and whilst it fluctuated somewhat in the shocks, I think on the whole it stayed true to the Gothic Horror genre from which it claims inspiration.

    Lastly, I concur that a more finely interwoven story arc would pay dividends – heck, when does it not! -particularly if “new” classic characters enter the fray. On this note, how can we have a list of things to have in Season 2 and not suggest literary inspirations? The most obvious? Jeckyl & Hyde would fit in well should they look for themes to mirror the Wolfman. The two could very well play off of one another in an interesting way, I’d also like to see their take on Jonathon Harker, what with Mina’s story ‘resolution’. Beyond that, er, I’m at a loss (I’m stamping out invading images of the Hunchback or Phantom!). Hmmm, this requires research and reading. As long as they don’t over egg the cake though, it should be fine.

    Oh, and lastly lastly, they should definitely bring back whoever did the music for this show – it’s stunning and used to perfection throughout.

    Woah, had not intended to write this much. Ha! Thanks, Pip, for the inspiration.

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