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Nashville season 3: 10 things we want

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  1. Cynic says:

    A short time ago, on another site, I posted a comment that I
    was disappointed with the writing of the last 3 episodes of season 2. My closing remark, was, in my opinion the closing situations with the main characters was setting up season 3 to be a by the numbers soap opera. Considering, I
    thought the show to this point had been good, I felt a soap opera treatment was
    lazy, unimaginative and a real danger of ruining the show.

    A couple of days after posting this I received a comment that basically refuted my
    criticism. This message went on, that unless I was prepared to offer an alternative I should cease such comments. So I will give my ideas. I will use this site as it’s the best I have found for season 3 comments.

    1. Juliette and Avery. I would get this out of the way first before a pregnancy appears. This has actually been set up in the last episode of season 2, when Juliette is giving her trailer trash speech. Both Juliette and Avery are crying. Obviously he feels as much pain as her. He could take the approach that he has a second problem. This being, despite how badly he has been hurt, after he calmed down, he realized the pain of loosing her was far worse than anything Jeff Fordham could do. She could agree. Avery should suggest they work together to get through this and hopefully be even stronger as a result. They could spend the night lovingly cuddling, whispering and gentle kisses etc.– no sex.
    Next morning Avery has a suggestion, – they need a new start point and they both need security. He proposes to her, she accepts and they head off to buy a modest ring with the money Deacon gave Avery for producing his EP.
    2. Luke and Rayna. I believe Luke is a question mark so I would exploit that. He has a hint of strangeness like when he punched the headrest of his car after Deacon did sucha good job on his TV remarks re Maddie. Or when he was leaving for a few days and his parting remark to Rayna was a casual, “see you later”. I would turn him into a real snake and a spy for Jeff to undermine Highway 65. Jeff does not like competition in business . Here is my scenario. Rayna’s album is blitzing Wills. However all that time Luke was away in season 2 he was making a secret album for Jeff. All his behaviour and engagement to Rayna was just a ruse to gain Rayna’s confidence and get information. A day or so after the release of Rayna’s albumLuke releases his album and it destroys Rayna’s. Highway 65 is going to go broke since everything was pinned on the success of Rayna’s Album. It looks like Rayna could be on the street
    in pretty short order.
    3. Juliette and Avery are out and about bragging about their engagement when they call on a distraught Rayna. She tells them she is on the skids. They leave and discuss
    Rayna’s situation. Juliette decides she can afford to invest – say $5M in Highway 65 for a top executive position, also a position that utilizes Avery’s skills etc.
    I seriously think Juliette would make an excellent company executive
    with her background. Rayna accepts, – she has no choice. This gives Juliette
    a part that has heaps of potential for material to get her teeth into. They have a discussion about H65 future directions when Juliette has a brainwave. She has the idea of using her own wedding as a promotional medium. They get a huge venue – say LP field- invite a stadium full of her fans. This should square her up with them. Invite friends and artists to perform. They could record and video the whole thing and release a double album. They do this and it goes multi-platinum and saves the company.
    4. Rayna and Deacon. He is now her main man but he has a lot of work to do as a parent and to prove himself to her.
    5 The show could now have a time jump of a couple of months to Juliette in her office, pregnant and working at whatever she does. Avery of course is the father.
    6 The other characters could be used around this core Gunner, Avery Scarlett in a band. Others sign to H65 label even Will and Layla who Jeff could fire. Then there would be someone to aggravate Juliette . Maddie could perform. H65 having a continual war with Edgehill. There is plenty of room to still have heaps of music.
    Personally, I could see something along these lines working.
    Comments would be welcome.

    1. Pip_EntFocus says:

      Thanks for sharing your comments. Feel free to share your opinions here – we love hearing what readers have to say and appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on the article. You raise some interesting points in your comments – looking forward to seeing what the show’s writers do in season 3.

    2. EllieCA says:

      Love your ideas for next season. I had mixed feelings about the writing in the last three shows of last season. There was too much over-the-top for sure. Examples:1)the reality tv video of Will confessing to Layla. Please. Would still be a great story without that.2)Scarlett’s mother’s character was way over-the-top evil. It was almost confusing– was it just her mother’s involvement that got Scarlett into that mess? That wasn’t supposed to be the message, but that’s how it came off because they made her have so much control over Scarlett. Her interactions with Deacon were better– a little more grounded. But with Scarlett she was just a little too weird and it seemed very soapy. 3)I love deacon finally coming to terms with so much of his past. Not sure I would completely let Rayna off the hook for getting back into a relationship with him without telling him about Maddie. That’s the real stinger for me and the show never brings this up. 3) Also, because I watched ‘Downton Abbey’- I knew that deacon’s line– “I’m not going to forgive you for not telling me about Maddie all those years” because you don’t need forgiveness you didn’t do anything wrong– is almost straight from season 2 of DA. Maybe the writers didn’t know that. But as a result, I found it unoriginal. Again, love that Deacon is letting go of so much– but as a fan, I still haven’t, so that seemed premature, lol The scene at the hospital, where Deacon tells Rayna Scarlett’s situation wasn’t her fault, was great, however. The looks alone, between the two characters, were so effective. 4) Love Scarlett, but she just got so whiny and spineless. That started to change, I guess. She definitely needs more spine. 5)Deacon ‘begging’ for Rayna again after Luke’s proposal. Would just like to see that guy have more self respect and stop being quite so tortured. He’s too gorgeous and loveable for that and he’s suffered enough already. Geese!

  2. MissusBee says:

    Thanks for the post. A hugely underrated show as its UK scheduling is off, plus the subject matter is not edgy/artsy enough to get critical attention. Sure, it has daft soapy elements (which are TV gold in their own way) but there are also some great performances and spellbinding scenes, especially when the music gets it right. The use of music and musical performers in the show is quite unique (as well as its bittersweet look at the artist’s success/identity conundrum). So glad it’s coming back. I don’t really mind what happens in Season 3, although I really want Rayna to bail Will out and release his first album as a gay-and-proud country star, which the writers have been taunting us with since he jumped ship to Edgehill. Also Scarlett to have some assertiveness training. And a haircut.

  3. amy says:

    10 things I want to see in season 3-
    1) Maddie onstage at the Bluebird
    2) Juliette and Deacon running into each other in the condom/pregnancy test aisle of the local Walgreens.
    3) Rayna’s kids getting Deacon to do something really ridiculous like rollerskate.
    4) helloooo long overdue for another RaynaDeacon duet. And maybe a shower scene.
    5) Gunnar burning all his golf clothes.
    6) find out what the hell happened to Deacons mean parents anyway. (I keep imagining that Garth Brooks song: mama’s in the graveyard, papas in the Pen..)
    7) Juliette gets caught making out with Luke Wheeler. It would get him away from Rayna and I bet she’d get along with that cocky kid of his. Poor you can imagine D/R arguing over that.
    8) Layla should be the preggo one. That would really put Will in a pickle.
    9)Rayna signs some cute young Hunter Hayes-like kid that Maddie has the hots for. Deacon and Teddy go super-dad ballistic.
    10) did I mention D/R in the shower? Or the rain. I could definitely handle that.

    Oh the possibilities….

  4. EllieCA says:

    My preferences 1) Rayna/Deacon. Keep reading articles saying it’s likely Rayna chooses Luke for now. If this is true, and since i’m tired of seeing Deacon pining over Rayna without her owning up to her part in all of their mess (you know, the woman who didn’t tell him he had a child for 13 years and began a relationships again with him anyway…), then I hope the story goes one of three ways: 1) Deacon’s ‘proposal’ of sorts, was actually a dream. Never really happened, but plants a question mark in Rayna’s mind about her engagement to Luke, and slowly, that relationship (with Luke) unravels and Rayna finally let’s herself feel again (and owns her part in her mess last season with Deacon) — that’s my ideal scenario and i’m sure it’s extremely unlikely; 2) Rayna’s ‘no’ to Deacon is short lived and a good portion of the season is Rayna fighting for her label after Luke lashes out at both of them; or 3) Deacon finally gets over Rayna, realizes they’ve never really wanted the same things out of life, finds a woman who truly adores him, and starts a family of his own. He and Rayna actually develop a mature, adult, platonic relationship and stay connected through music and through parenting Maddie. Kind of makes me mad that the writers had Deacon propose at the end of last season. Tired of seeing him so vulnerable like that.He should have more respect for himself :).
    2) Scarlett & Deacon write and perform together. Scarlett moves on and soon finds some other love interest. She gets stronger and eventually hits the big stage again, but with the support of her uncle. Rayna wants to sign them to Highway 65– but is afraid of that relationship with Deacon.
    3) The band of Avery, Zoe and GUnner is back. They were great together.
    4) Highway 65 somehow works Will into the mix. Rayna wanted to be a refuge for artists, and well, that couldn’t be a bigger statement (maybe Deacon supports her, Luke doesn’t?)
    5) Juliette — she and Avery go up and down. Juliette becomes a bigger part of Highway65 management. Maybe she’s pregnant with Avery’s child. They have to figure out what to do? Need more meat here. We need to know more about Juliette’s past. The show added some dimension to her when we found out her dad was killed in action. Her character still needs more dimension, IMO.
    6) Deacon’s ride as the ‘can do no wrong’ dad with Maddie ends and he has to deal with serious parenting. Maybe some fun scenes, too. Love the roller skating idea.
    7) Maddie is allowed to start performing professionally. Maybe she starts performing at Blue bird with her dad. Maybe with Deacon and Scarlett, even. What a family attraction that would be! Would sell a bunch of records I imagine. Maybe she has a crush on someone– a first broken heart, perhaps.
    8) Not really that fond of the Layla character. Seems like an ‘extra’ to me. Seems like she should move back home wtih her parents or something.
    9) Good D/R relationship development and please steamy D/R scenes. More than one… come on, now (as Rayna would say).

  5. Adam says:

    Absolutely love this show, I wish More4 would give it a better slot, or place it on another Channel such as E4 if not bog standard Channel 4. It needs to be brought to a wider audience here in the UK.

  6. skippy says:

    I cant wait for Nashville season 3 as its by far my favourite show . being a lover of true country music i get my fix watching all the stars perform .I think the story is interesting and quite original in its twists and turns but really dream of Rena and Deacon getting it right sometime soon!! PLEASE !!!(Im a hopeless romantic). Music is marvelous as is the acting and atmosphere .Truly believable!!!

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