Hannibal 3×13 The Wrath of the Lamb recap

Hannibal 3x13
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  1. airmanchairman says:

    Conclusion: There was no other Great Blood-hued Dragon than Hannibal; Alana and family, cloaked in a ring of steel in a formidable redoubt, still chose to abandon it and flee at the prospect of Hannibal’s release, however well-planned and controlled. After all, their entire power base and acquired fortune was engineered by Hannibal himself (“I spun you gold”).

    And, gods above, Bedelia Du Maurier, in an act of ultimate pessimism and desperation, lavishly offered up a part of herself and waited for the expected dinner guest (was Will really invited, expected to survive and attend?).

    Not for nothing was the series named after him; it was all about Hannibal, ultimately.

    And so, do we crow in premature triumph like brave Will Graham and say: “Ding dong, the Dragon’s dead”? Or…