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Glee season 6: 10 things we want

Glee season 5
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  1. Courtney says:


  2. Grace says:

    Ditto! But, we still deserve a lot more than 13 lousy episodes & frankly, if were not going to get a new episode until Jan 2015, I’m not even sure I’ll care by then. Fox sure knows how to screw up what could have been a much longer and much better show (like seasons 1 – 3)

  3. Keisha Danyelle says:

    Completely agree

  4. Dhakari says:

    I hope they decide to give us a whopping 24 episodes for season 6 and everyone gets a happy ending with everyone coming together for Samcedes wedding in the penultimate episode. Rachel finds someone of matched talent and drive who knows nothing about Finn, Klain and Britana tie their respective knots somewhere within the season, Tina passes her exams and Mike and her build a life together as she has not settled since him, Artie is a big producer who decides to make a Dramady about their life as a group of freinds and the original “Dont Stop Beleving” scene is acted out again (end) Puck and Quinn come back with their new baby all married and homely – im all for happy endings me thats GLEE. What I dont want is any unfinished businesses all over the shop begging guesses as to what the end is like. MAKE IT THE END

  5. Anja Gibas says:

    i agree with number 9. I want Adam Lambert back on Glee for Season 6 because I am getting to obsessed with Adam Lambert now because he is gorgeous and sexy and he has dreamy eyes and a lovely soft voice when he speaks.