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Under The Dome season 2: 10 things we want

Under The Dome
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  1. Tarzmahal says:

    What a stupid article.

    1. Of course Barbie is going to survive, he’s the main protagonist. Duh.

    2. We were given tonnes of answers in the first season. Just enough to sustain suspension of belief and suspense. We know the army didn’t put it there. We know the army doesn’t know what it is, but that Barbie has some skills or training that the military thinks will be beneficial. We know that someone put it there on purpose to protect those inside and selected a few key players to protect it and communicate with it. Reveal much more than that and there would be no second season dumb dumb.

    3. The sherrif does the best she can with the resources she has available to her. No phones, her only deputy is Jr, no gas for her vehicle, no court system. She solved the butane conundrum and would have brought big jim in had he not revealed what he did about Barbie (which evidence seemed to backup).

    4. Why would you want jr to die? James is the way he is because of the death of his mother and his phsychopathic father. Obviously his mothers paintings and his role as the forth hand means he will play an important part in what’s to come. Maybe without Big Jim (who your hoping will survive?) he wouldn’t be so screwed up. He tries to do the right thing, he’s just confused and manipulated. He made a mistake with ange but his actions proved to be not so crazy when it trend out ange was connected to the mini dome.

    5. This is so stupid. Of course they’re going to introduce new characters. They can’t reveal every person within the dome in 1 episode. Would be pretty boring if they did.

    6. There were tonnes (not a few) surprise deaths in the season and the ones you mentioned were certainly not at the top of the list. Did you even watch the show? Think Maxine Seagrave and her mother, Duke Perkins and the reverend. Rosie and Dodee???

    7. Are you for real? Ange was one of the main characters this season and played an important role on virtually every episode. Any more of of her and there wouldn’t be time for anyone else

    8, 9 and 10. Not even worth mentioning. It’s obvious Jim is he antagonist (face palm). The relationship between Barbie & Julia (snore). More action? You obviously weren’t watching and therefor shouldn’t be writing an article about what ‘we’ would like to see more of.