Arrow season 3: 10 things we want

Arrow season 2
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  1. B-radical says:

    Yes to Caity Lotz returning no to Laurel as Canary

    1. kayt357 says:

      You do know that in the original story Laurel is the Canary right?

      1. Kathleen Kervin says:

        In the original story Dinah Drake is the Canary, and the love of her life is her detective husband Larry Lance.

        For a while Dinah Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen were on=again, off=again but in the New52 version, The Black Canary hasn’t even met Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

        Caity Lotz has been gold as the Black Canary. If Laurel/Katie Cassidy can’t match it, there will be a lot of disappointment for everyone.

        Since she’s a lawyer already, make Laurel Manhunter.

  2. Guest2014 says:

    Everything about the finale was fantastic! Everything worked, because what they focused on is indeed “what works” for the show. That of course being Team Arrow (O/F/D). Then they add in the powerful bit of Olicity which is works with the ongoing events, and wow, STELLAR! With the exception of number 2 I agree with all of your points, and when Sara does return, I hope she brings Nyssa with her. I want some more Nyssa Felicity and Quentin/Felicity scenes!

  3. Mars says:

    yikes ..not looking forward to seeing laurel as BC …will miss Sara but hope she does return …a shame Nyssa has left so soon …more Diggle stories, and Felicity’s back story ..and perhaps a love interest for her …be it Flash or someone else …as Oliver has a harem of women .. looking forward to Merlin and how he will influence Thea ..and Roy’s reaction …

  4. Kay says:

    UH! NO TO “luarel” becoming BC..THAT is a JOKE! A disgusting one too! URGH! NO! Just NO!

    WE HAVE a BC and that’s SARA!!

    Felicity and Oliver ‘getting’ there but NOT YET but GETTING there!

    “laure” to become WHITE CANARY and EVIL!!! THAT is my WISH!

    As for thea; I really could care LESS. As for Roy..ENOUGH of him already.

    Oliver to get his company back.

    Dig and Lyla to have a ‘happily ever after’ for the two.

    Oh and LAST but not least..The women that looks as thou she has “SHIT” under her nose/amamad..URGH! Can one get any more unattractive and UGLY on the inside and out..URGH! FOR HER TO DIE at seasons end BUT I heard she’s comic book canon for evil, so that’s probably long shot!

    As for Sara..STAY but be a RECURRING BC character..

    I almost forgot. I hope Felicity father is someone..I.E. Ra al Ghul would be magnificient..

    It has to be someone ‘strong, evil’ since there can’t be two protagonist in a story/show..

    1. Pip_EntFocus says:

      Laurel is the Black Canary in the original stories though…

      1. Kathleen Kervin says:

        No, Dinah Drake is.

        1. Pip_EntFocus says:

          Of course I completely understand the writers aren’t going to stick completely to the source material and will take what they want. Dinah Laurel Lance was the Black Canary in the comics in Post-Crisis era. Her mother was the original Black Canary but Laurel does take over that role. The show writers have hinted that’s the direction they will be going in for Laurel during season 3.

          1. Kathleen Kervin says:

            I think it was always the plan to make Laurel the Black Canary and Oliver’s love interest, but to quote John Lennon, life is what happens while you’re making plans.

            The plan to make her Oliver’s love interest hit a snag because they didn’t chem test the two actors and every woman who came on the show, EBR, Jessica de Gouw, Janina Gavankar, Celina Jade, had more chemistry with Stephen Amell.

            I think Caity Lotz was brought in because they felt that Laurel wasn’t ready to be the Black Canary yet and while she’s closer now, for me the addiction arc wasn’t as big as the Amazo, the island and 4 years training with the League of Assassins was for Sara. So I still don’t see Laurel as ready to become the Black Canary.

            i think there will be the push for Laurel this season but for me, the question is whether Katie Cassidy can be a believable BC rather than what the comic canon was. If not, they should give her a role like Manhunter instead.

  5. SP says:

    Loved the final!!

    1.Looking forward to seeing Oliver having to “work”. Sad about Thea and how that will be very difficult for Oliver. Yes, MORE Oliver and Felicity and their relationship changing and evolving into a more romantic one (those two have so MUCH chemistry together).
    2. So excited to see Diggle becoming a Dad and more of Lyla!!! Those two are great together. Want more of their story.
    3. Please let Lance be okay.
    4. No to Laurel being BC. Sorry, have a very hard time seeing her play BC at all. hard time with her character (I really do try to like Laurel).
    5. Do enjoy Sara and her part in Arrow.
    6. More of Felicity’s history, family and back story. More Felicity out in the field. Felicity being trained. And of course Felicity and Oliver; working together, doing things together outside of Arrow (personal-movies, dinner, coffee) and their relationship slowly evolving into more than friends.
    7. Core team Arrow!!!!! Oliver-Diggle-Felicity!!! Those three are fantastic together-don’t change the chemistry of the three!!!

    1. Stephen says:

      Laurel lance will become black canary and sara was never black canary and sara was never called black canary on the show sure laurel called sara canary at the finale season 2 of arrow but sara was never called black canary and sara was never given black canary real ability , sara character have been using devices to potraying the black canary origin story for laurel Character . Sara character potraying of the black canary arc is the begging storyline but ultimately at the end of the day laurel Character is the true black canary who story of the black canary arc is being told by sara. Season 3 of arrow will be laurel journey to be the black canary arc character and as far as sara role when it comes to the show I’m guessing that sara will be back to the show and I’m guessing that laurel is going to be in danger again by slade Wilson who will be still going after Oliver for revenge or someone else from sara past who wants revenge against sara so they will target laurel or even their father who might end in the coma for a while and if they can’t get to the father they will go after laurel which will cost sara lance her life and if sara past doesn’t one day comes back to bite sara in the ass then sara criminal lifestyle will surely comes back to bite sara in the ass. Because we all know that sara lance haven’t learned from her mistakes because if she did she wouldn’t have made the same mistakes since she have been back from the dead and sara wouldn’t have rejoined the league of assassin’s and be all happy about it while not seems to have a problem leaving her family behind who she claimed she wants so desperately in her life. As far as felicity and Oliver characters goes when it comes to romance well those too characters might end up together but they are going to end just like sara and Oliver relationship and I’m sure it’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable for both felicity and Oliver and laurel characters if Oliver gets with felicity because we know it won’t last for long because sooner or later Oliver is going to want to be with laurel again and while felicity and Oliver are dating laurel will always be a buzz killer for felicity and Oliver romance , just like laurel was a buzz kill for Oliver romantic relationship with the huntress and how Oliver was a buzz kill for laurel relationship with Tommy and laurel was a buzz kill for sara relationship with Oliver and I know people are going to say that laurel wasn’t the reason why sara breaks up with Oliver but laurel is the reason why sara and Oliver relationship end and that because deep down inside of sara ,she knows that Oliver still have feelings for laurel and sara didn’t want to continue in a relationship with Oliver knowing the obvious truth and which is why sara told laurel that Oliver needs her in the finale 2 season of arrow show and if the writers are settling up a relationship between felicity and Oliver it’s not going to last long because it’s also look like the writers are going rekindle Oliver and laurel relationship and if the writers doesn’t rekindle things between laurel and Oliver and have felicity and have Oliver and felicity together as a couple then felicity and Oliver relationship won’t last long because the writers made the point of giving little hints here and there with laurel and Oliver as a couple and they even have sara telling laurel that Oliver needs her. People might not take what sara tells laurel about Oliver needing her seriously but the felicity fanbase should because I constantly have been reading things and hearing things about how sara knows Oliver better than anyone including felicity so if sara knows Oliver better than anyone then sara telling laurel that Oliver needs her then if Oliver gets into a relationship with felicity it’s not going to last long and if Oliver does love felicity now then his feelings for laurel will win out at the end because laurel will always be apart of Oliver life and will eventually be apart of team arrow and I know it’s not going to sit well with felicity or felicity fan base or who wants to see felicity and Oliver together romantically involved with each other to see laurel who have a long history with Oliver whether romantic or not Oliver have a history with laurel and they are still really close friends and when laurel becomes a member of team arrow what ever really Oliver developed with felicity will be over because felicity is going to be jealous of laurel and going feel like she can’t compete with laurel and Oliver history with laurel and break up with Oliver and it won’t be just because Oliver is still friends with laurel it’s because felicity knows how Oliver feels about laurel combine with laurel being a member of team arrow and also Oliver is going show concern for laurel in a way that felicity is going to see that Oliver still have feelings for laurel and viewers are going to see it when laurel life is put in danger again in away Oliver or anyone will see coming not even Oliver and the danger of laurel might be because of slade Wilson and obsession for revenge against Oliver for shadow death or other enemies of Oliver or sara or the enemies of Oliver secret alter ego identity or Oliver enemies. As far as salde Wilson goes , he is definitely going to go after the people in Oliver life and slade Wilson might next time attempt to kill laurel because slade Wilson knows Oliver set him up with making him believe that felicity was the women who Oliver loves the most more than anyone and slade Wilson is going to realize that it’s laurel and which felicity feelings is going to get hurt. Do I know how slade Wilson is going to continue his revenge from were he is , no I don’t but knowing slade Wilson and his madness , he isn’t going to give up with his revenge against Oliver and I’m pretty sure slade Wilson have a back up plan just in case things doesn’t go as he planned against Oliver.

  6. Stefano5280 says:

    Im personally a fan of Oliver and Sara being together. Never really a fan of Olicity.