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American Horror Story season 4: 10 things we want

American Horror Story
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  1. Henry says:

    I totally agree with everything you said! I did like the characters and Coven overall,but it was nowhere near the other seasons. I think Coven was also missing the pyschological horror: Murder House had Vivien questioning her sanity and the horrors of death and losing family,Asylum had the fear of Bloodyface or when Sister Jude was losing her mind near the end.Coven could’ve had that Suspiria thing going on,like having that paranoia and fear of living with witches.

  2. Mickstertor says:

    There’s no doubt that Coven was camp. The first two seasons were far darker. But Coven was hardly what I’d call a bad season. The stunt casting was awesome (Nicks, Bates, etc). The storyline was bitchy, fun. The acting by the main stars was excellent. I agree with the comments in this article about loose ends not being tied up, or storylines not fully explored, or of characters (like Bassett’s Laveau) being two dimensional – but that’s been a problem in all the seasons (most especially the second one). Stop taking a horror show so damn serious. I’m happy after any episode where Lange has been given the chance to chew the scenery!