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5 reasons Adam Lambert should be back on Glee

Adam Lambert
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  1. Pete says:

    I’d love to have Adam back as Elliott even though I think GLEE is a mess. BUT: I’d rather have Adam’s own music out and him doing promo for it than GLEE. So, if Adam can only do one thing time-wise, music’d be my first love 😉

  2. Allysa Mentor says:

    Glee is a mess, sorry I only watched for Adam. The storylines are all over the place, but his performances were the best.

  3. ModestYChild says:

    Love Adam’s appearances on Glee. He has an on-stage presence that’s very commanding. Adam’s charisma and vocal power take center stage when he was on Glee. I love seeing him on tv but he’s busy recording his new album and has over 20 shows fronting Queen in the summer in North America, Japan and Seoul. I don’t know how much juggling Adam can do but if he can fit it into his very busy schedule, I am more than thrilled to see him return to Glee.

  4. terry says:

    YEAH BRING ELLIOT BACK!!! 🙁 I especially like what you said about the gay male friends – the value of that as a precedent in this show should not be underestimated.

  5. melliemom says:

    Adam Lambert is the most talented guy out there.Glee was great with him,IMHO he needs greater exposure ,i.e. his own weekly show.

  6. atomom says:

    If for no other reason than that his presence in Glee anchors and embellishes the cast. Without his “rock” persona or sometimes grist for the mill (like when he chastises everyone to knock all the drama off), there doesn’t seem as much spark for the characters to strike interest for me. Elliot is just that person that blows in like fresh air, and after him, it’s just a lot of stuffiness.

    1. Pat H says:

      Yes! Elliot’s view of the “kids from Lima” gave them more depth and interest! They really should have at least one friend they didn’t go to high school with! Loved Demi too. They really wasted her role and talent!

  7. PatAfan says:

    Elliott was a breath of fresh air in a sea of frenetic juvenile angst.

  8. Flitzy says:

    I really love NYC Glee but I wished Demi and Adam could have stayed longer. I really loved their characters but we didn’t get much time to get invested in them. :'(

  9. Eydie Harris says:

    I too would love to see Adam on Glee again, but, his own music is more important. Elliott is the best thing to happen to Glee!

  10. Susie says:

    Adam is fabulous but he can’t save Glee. He needs his own show and music!!!

  11. Jo says:

    I was happy to see that Adam was such a natural at the acting thing. Glee sucks without Adam in it because he just gives it life. Is there anything that he can’t do? This guy is so multi talented and so under appreciated. It’s really frustrating that he isn’t a huge star. I just don’t get it.

    1. glamity58 says:

      America doesn’t appreciate talent as much as it does looks and crazy antics. It pains me when I hear Miley Cyrus (who I admit can act) made 76 million last year. What is wrong with this world? And Britney still makes a ton of money. Great vocals and stage presence are not as appreciated as they should be. I hope that changes.

  12. Ella says:

    Absolutely, loved ALL of his singing performances on Glee! I expected nothing less than the best and that is what he delivered!

    However, I didn’t think his acting was great. I was disappointed, because I thought with having so much experience in musical theatre that his acting would be so much better than it was! He didn’t have that many lines, but a lot of his lines fell flat or seemed acted overly dramatically (even too dramatic for a show like Glee). I would go from being so thrilled and hyped up from his song performance and then I would wind up cringing as he delivered a line, (several times it seemed as if he was delivering the line, while snorting through his nose and it just made the line seem strange).

    I taped all of the Glee episodes he was on and I watch his singing over and over again, but I forward the disc straight through his acting.

    Just my opinion, I think he is an incredibly talented singer and I really, really wanted to like his acting on Glee, but, I just didn’t.

    1. glamity58 says:

      I don’t agree. I was surprised that his acting was pretty good. There was really not opportunity to show his acting skills, the role didn’t seem to call for it. There was a time or two I was slightly disappointed but overall I think he did fine.

      1. Maydiva says:

        I think he did FABULOUS.

  13. Carole says:

    With or without Adam, the ratings have plummetted. What’s the point of having Adam Lambert back? He’s done nothing to positively impact the ratings, so why would the show spend the money to resign him? Isn’t it all about the ratings?

    Glee jumped the shark long ago. The storylines are contrived to fit whatever song they want to insert into the script. Some of the characters are loathesome or just plain mean(Sue Sylvester, Santana, Becky). Sue’s behavior would never fly in the real world. The star, Rachael, is both narcisstic and annoying. The lip-syncing is so bad that it ruins what could be enjoyable musical numbers.

    America has spoken by not watching, They don’t care about Starchild, and they don’t care about Glee.

    1. mickivick says:

      Why so nasty? What bad thing did Glee ever do to you?

      1. glamity58 says:

        Very few shows, especially ones like this that have an obvious end (kids that will have to graduate) never seem to keep the same popularity. Yes the ratings are terrible, but I still watch for the singing. Nothing can help. Every year more channels are added to your TV and so many people can watch on-line or much later that the ratings for many shows will drop IMO. Unless it’s Sports, most shows are watched after-the-fact due to our busy lives. There must be enough of an audience or they wouldn’t film this anymore.

  14. AL says:

    I loved Adam on the show but I think that he should be free as an artist to do whatever he wants to do and not tie him down to a show that is dying soon anyway.

    (Though I kind of wish they would have expanded a lot more on his character in this time frame–it seems like ‘Starchild’ only really made one appearance in the beginning and then he was stripped down to ‘Elliott’ for the rest of the time.)

    He’s a busy person! He’s working on like 674728 things at once it seems so Glee is just one of those many things along the road. Besides, he auditioned for Glee back when it was starting and they lost their chance then, which I’m glad they did because Adam was able to do bigger and better things in the end without being forever pinned with the label ‘that guy who was on glee’ like the regular cast members probably are.

    So, if he wants to be on a show again (glee or otherwise)? Please, go right ahead and I (we) will enjoy it. But he really doesn’t HAVE to. (:

  15. Brio says:

    Adam should finish with a good send off so he get finish his 3rd album and tour the states and world doing MUSIC!!!!! Its great we see him on tv but its better seeing him live on tour!!! 😀

  16. Sandi Bosio Shader says:

    MOST DEFINITELY!!!!! I want Adam Lambert back on GLEE! He was magical on the show. I counted the days till he was back on and I agree…there was no ending. We need either an ending or a continuation!!

  17. Lini says:

    Compete with Lea? Adam out sang Lea! I only watched Glee for Adam and no Adam, no Glee.

  18. Marilyn Curtis says:

    Any Time I can see Adam on TV is great with me!

  19. atigrace says:

    Woukd LOVE to see Lambert back, his performance of Marry the night was the best performance so far this season. Have to disagree though, Darren Criss can more than meet (& surpass ) Lea Michelles talents, woy ld Love to c Criss & Lambert dueting!

    1. glamity58 says:

      Darren Criss is fantastic, but vocally not even in the same league as Lea. No way. Everything else about him I love but he’s an average singer compared to Lea. She kept me watching the show all this time until Adam came along. He was then the main reason.

  20. Lauriellen says:

    Elliott has two Ts on the end.

    Glee was awesome with Adam Lambert but I think the show is to childish for him. Really hope he gets his own show some day soon(ish). Speaking of MARRY THE NIGHT, it will be included on a “Best of Adam Lambert” CD that can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

  21. LeelaST says:

    That ship has sailed, let it go (not a Frozen reference.) Adam played himself, not a character (perfectly fine, just an observation), and showed up everyone with whom he duet-ed – even Lea. TV experience and exposure for him, minor ratings bump for the show, nothing more either could gain by having him back.

  22. kris says:

    Adam was amazing, and certainly should be a recurring character on whatever is left of a dying show……. He was a breath of fresh air, and it made him seem a bit more “human” than other things he has done. As with a few other posts on here, I would love to see him do a comedy/musical show of his own at some point down the road. Glee really has made him seem to be gentle and wise as well as a huge singing talent….

    Whatever he does, he deserves to be the Frank Sinatra of the Gen Y generation for his lifetime. Hopefully homophobia will not spoil it for him.

    1. glamity58 says:

      I so agree. Can you imagine a cable show (we can’t expect it to be on major networks) where Adam opens the show with a song and maybe closed the show with a duet with whatever guest star he has on for the week. Some skits would fill in the rest along with an interview of the special guest star before they sing. I so hope this happens. He could sing any genre including opera. Then he could bring on Andrea Bocelli to sing and then they’d do a duet together. It would be awesome.

  23. Linda says:

    When Glee ends….Elliott (Starchild)
    needs his own spinoff.

  24. Natalie says:

    I die to have adam back to the show! He definitely needs a proper farewell!

  25. Mallory2696 says:

    I am hoping that the door is left open to Starchild coming back. It would be nice if some reference would be made to his character before the season is over. Adam Lambert brought a lot of new viewers to Glee including me and I think he did a great job acting and performing wise.

  26. glamity58 says:

    Glee will never be the same without Adam/Elliot. I loved what Adam did in his brief role. We know what a powerhouse vocalist he is and I got my bucket list wish of him singing with Lea Michelle. Now I’d like to extend that list with having him and Lea do a ballad or slow power song with great harmonies before this thing ends. Lea and Adam are two of the best vocalists out there. They should be heard on the radio, but we all know that this isn’t the 90s where vocals mattered. Now it’s vocal mediocrity we hear on the radio with a couple of exceptions.

  27. glamity58 says:

    I’m afraid Adam is too busy right now getting ready for his Queen mini-tour and cannot think about Glee. Bummer. I hope there is a way to get him in there.

  28. Maydiva says:

    I haven’t watched GLEE for months, probably years, and i started watching it again since i heard that Adam will be in the show. Now he’s just vanished, and i stopped watching Glee again.

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