10 things we want when The Walking Dead returns

The Walking Dead season 4
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  1. Kyle says:

    I don’t follow your points on Michonne. You don’t want Rick and Michonne to form a relationship, but want Daryl and Michonne? Then you want Daryl and Carol forever when she comes back? Are you suggesting Daryl ditches Michonne when Carol returns? Sorry, Michonne is way to good for that. If Daryl manages to snag Michonne (which would be a huge accomplishment for Daryl), there is no way that he would give that up for Carol. No way that would make sense anyway. Michonne would be the ultimate girlfriend and fighting partner.

    1. Pip_EntFocus says:

      I get the confusion. As we don’t know for sure that Carol is coming back I’d put my money on the show runners experimenting with Michonne and Darryl in terms of a romance. I think should Carol come back it could create an interesting dynamic as Carol is Darryl’s end game in terms of romance but there is a spark between Darryl and Michonne as they are both outsiders and strong characters. I agree she would be the ultimate girlfriend and fighting partner!

      1. Kyle says:

        If Carol is Daryl’s end game, then I would rather they not experiment
        with Michonne. No man would give up Michonne for Carol. Michonne is
        independent, but caring. Carol was sweet and then she killed two people.
        Daryl is my favorite male character and Michonne my favorite female. I
        would rather see Michonne and Rick or Michonne and Kyle…I mean no one:). Especially if a
        relationship with Daryl means she will eventually be pushed aside for
        Carol. Michonne already has a bond with Carl anyway, so maybe Rick and
        Michonne would make more sense. Thanks for responding! I wasn’t
        expecting a response.

        1. Pip_EntFocus says:

          I appreciate you engaging with the article and posing questions! I completely agree with you regarding Michonne but it feels like the show writers are going to force her into some relationship. I hope I’m wrong and she just stays awesome 🙂

  2. Stephanie Stevens says:

    I don’t understand why the 2 black cast members should get killed off, I care about their characters especially Tyrese, he had a big impact in the comics yet the show refuses to really give him any type of character development. I mean what about Beth what does she offer, she sings Taylor Swift ish songs and changes dirty diapers well not anymore so why can’t you wish for the white bitch to get killed. As far as the group Tyrese and Sasha are key players of the group because Sasha with Daryl maps out a lot of the runs when they were at the prison so I think your ignorance because your white blocking your common sense, the only reason you want Michonne to stick around is because she would be a good lay for Daryl because his grandma “Carol” got kicked out of the prison?

    1. Pip_EntFocus says:

      Hi Stephanie. Firstly I wasn’t making any judgements on any characters on the colour of their skin. That would be a) ridiculous and b) not something I would ever do. I think Tyreese and Sasha aren’t as strong characters as the others in the show and for me they take up screentime other characters could have. If the show runners actually developed the characters then it may be a different situation. As for Michonne, she’s the best character in the show and yes I think she’d be a good match for Darryl. Did I say that’s the only reason she’s in the show? Absolutely not. And as for Beth – I do actually question the point of her character in my article but as she’s related to Maggie and Hershel there’s an argument that the writers should give her a bit more to do. I’d be absolutely fine with them killing her off.

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