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10 things we want to see on Arrow

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  1. Atropos22 says:

    Your 1, 2, and 4 say it all for me. I love the action of Arrow and would really like to see it increase for Season 2. More Felicity is always on my list, and shirtless Oliver? Bring it on! Maybe we can combine 2 and 4:Shirtless Oliver with Felicity! LOL! Love the show. It’s amazing.

  2. JustKyleMc says:

    No! More Island stuff! He’s there for about another 4 years anyway so he has to become this bad-ass eventually.

  3. Dazz says:

    So you DON’T want more island stuff, even if that’s the most interesting part of the show? We need to know what turned Ollie into Green Arrow and removing island flashbacks would be a major crime. I’d also prefer if Roy Harper became Arsenal in the show since Red Arrow won’t make much sense and his Speedy name has been given to Thea.

    1. Pip_EntFocus says:

      I agree to an extent with what you say about the island scenes. Throughout the first season I feel (and it’s only my opinion) that they were dragged out a bit. The split narrative technique can become very divisive and it’s going to be interesting to see how they continue with it. We absolutely need them to continue in some form but does it need to be every single episode?