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10 things we want from The 100 season 3

The 100 season 2 episode 1
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  1. T.F. says:

    April 22, 2015- What kind of revenge to do expect Clarke to exact on Lexa? Clarke is emotionally drained, she is tired of all of the killing and she is not going to kill Lexa. Lexa has killed people and Clarke has killed people. Clarke has realized, that she is no different from Lexa so, why would she kill her? Besides TonDC is 35 miles from Polis (Annapolis MD), where Lexa and her grounders warriors are. I am sure, Clarke will have a lot of adventures, meeting lots of people on her 35 mile long journey to Polis. By the time she does get there, her anger, if she has any would have be subsided. It looked to me like Clarke was not angry, when she told Bellamy she was leaving Camp Jaha. She looked like she just, needed a good cry in someone’s understanding arms.

    1. Nate Blank says:

      Right. Lexa’s arms.

    2. Pip_EntFocus says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read the article and comment. I think season 3 will find Clarke in a very muddled place and I can’t imagine she’ll take Lexa’s betrayal lying down. I think you’re right in that she needed a good cry but the deaths that happened because of her actions will weigh on her and I think she’ll go darker.

      1. T.F. says:

        You are welcome. Yes, season 3 will find Clarke in a very muddled place. But as for Clarke, not taking what happened lying down, what is she going to do to Lexa? nothing. Yes, the people in Mount Weather are dead because of what Clarke did and what Lexa did not do. But what, you and everyone else who, feels this way fail to realize is, the people in Mount Weather would have died anyway. No matter by Clarke’s hand or Lexa staying, to help. Once all the grounder and sky prisoners were rescued. There was NO more endless blood supply, for the Mount Weather people to use. You forget, they need regular blood injections from a grounder or sky person so, they could continue living. What would you have had Lexa or Clarke to do? Leave a few of their people in Mount Weather, to supply blood to the people for the remainder of their lives? Abby even suggested a bone marrow transplant but the Mount Weather doctors said no. Mount Weather people had a death sentence, the moment all of the prisoners were gone anyway.That is NOT Lexa’s fault and Clarke knows that. Clarke knows, she is NO different from Lexa.This is why Clarke is not going to exact revenge on Lexa as you want to see her do.

  2. But I'm a Cheerleader says:

    Less Jasper (he’s annoying) and more Monty. Seriously, he’s supposed to be a lead, the only male lead of color, and he got the shaft the last two seasons. And give the damn boy a girl to romance, too. Once again, only lead without one. Why does no one else see the issue with this?

    Your Asian male stereotypes are showing, CW….

    1. katie says:

      Except he’s not the only male lead of color. Jaha is black, Lincoln is black, the actor who plays Bellamy is Filipino, and Kane is Peruvian.

      1. But I'm a Cheerleader says:

        Jaha and Lincoln aren’t leading characters, the actor who plays Bellamy is half Filipino, half white, and white passing, Henry Ian Cusick is also white passing. An actor saying what their heritage is doesn’t make it so in a fictional world. I’m not denying thier heritage, but what you see on a TV screen matters. And none are Asian except for Christopher Larkin. So, yeah…racism is still racism.

  3. Kahlan says:

    Oh damm…I think we did not watch the same show! I tried but I can disagree more…
    1.Really ? Clarke revenge on Lexa ?? What the hell ? Why? Yes, she will be pissed, yes she won’t be willing to forgive her easily. But if you’d followed Clarke’ arc on this season, a revenge would be so out of character right now. She is now completely broken at the end of the season. As a leader, she had to make hard decisions to save her people. She had to killed a whole community to save them. Lexa make also the right decision to protect her people according to the circumstances. She accepted that deal to prevent bloodshed among her people and yes she had to break an alliance to do that. What about Clarke putting in that terrible situation : she betrayed Maya and all the others who helped them inside the mountain. Cause it was the right (and only decision) to make to survive.
    So is Lexa evil by saving her people
    from her greatest enemy without letting her warriors and prisonners get slaughtered by the Mountain Men machine guns, letting down 48 sky people to defend for themselves ? Really ? She should have chose Clarke and the ark prisonners over her own people ? Why ? Her duty to protect her people comes first yes, and that’s the same for Clarke ! And Clarke did not get blind-sided and used by Lexa !! Lexa has genuine feelings for Clarke, yet she had to sacrifice them to save her people cause she is the Grounder leader afterall.
    Clarke care for Lexa too, not yet in love, but there is still hope for them in season 3. Would be interesting to watch them reunite. Clarke will understand her choice but forgiving her not quite easy.

    2.Clarke’s redemption.??..She has to do something terrible to save her friends but she has not gone dark. She is broken, she lost her soul in the process. She has to find a way to forgive herself, if she can, at least stop thinking about others fo a while, and worry about herself. And no dammit, revenge is out of question !! What she had to do to survive is something, but revenge will never help her. She need to find something else, maybe find a mission more widely impacted…..revenge really ? At episode 2.13 killing the MM spotter did not help her, like Lexa said : winning the
    war will. She is not after blood, after that bloodshed, and the leadership burden …
    No one is innocent as Maya said. They just do what they must to survive, the enemy does the same, this is not personnal so revenge what the fuck?? Clarke is probably the only one to understand Lexa choice, as a leader, since she was put in a similar position when she had to think about her people first, at the extant of another people survival.

    8. Murphy to die ??? Really ….He became interesting and can be a good surprise in season 3.

    1. Pip_EntFocus says:

      Thanks for your comments! It’s interesting to see another point of view. The article is just my opinion/thoughts so I’m open to discussion for sure. It’ll be interesting to see where the show goes in season 3 – I would be very surprised if a romance is on the cards for Clarke and Lexa after the end of season 2.

      1. Kahlan says:

        Yes, sure ! A romance might be surprising for some of the viewers, following the end of the season. But in my opinion, this event has just deepened Clarke and Lexa relationship ; Lexa trusting Clarke and her leadership point of view was being developped and now Clarke will have definetely trust issues to deal with. I hope they will meet again since it would be very interesting to see what the writters will come up with. The circumstances won’t be the same : the Grounders coalition may decline and things will probably get different for Lexa leadership. Since Clarke had to eliminate the MM, the Grounders biggest enemy. So much can happen in season 3 ..new clans, new lands, new threat and ALIE obviously !

      2. Gotham Park says:

        I could still see a charged meeting between the two that can lead to something a bit more passionate. Females are complicated creatures…

  4. Nate Blank says:

    FUUUUUUUUCK YOU! And you bullshit list! Team #Clexa!

  5. Nate Blank says:

    Clexa came in second in the very popular yearly zimbio march madness couples poll.. CLEARLY! Fan’s don’t want to see them “fighting”.

  6. lucy says:

    Good atricle.I dont beleive Cage is dead. He was injected and went into a stupor as the drugs took over. Lincoin also said to him the first ones always the worst. I think he will be back in S3 with some of the others who had already been saved by the bone marrow of which there must be some. Also i dont beleive Clark will go out for revenge. She will be angry once she seem Lexa again and probably wont forgive her but if having her on side means that they can defeat the next threat (AI woman whatever thats all about) but it will be on more equal terms with prehaps clark using Lexa obvious feelings (yes i think they were real) to her advantage.

    1. Kahlan says:

      Hmm Cage death was confirmed by writers so… The only MM still alive is Emerson. Yes from Lexa, feelings are obvious ; but Clarke seems to feel something for her to, “not yet” defined though. And no, I don’t think Clarke will ever use those feelings to her advantages at the expanse of Lexa ; will be out of character and Lexa deals with her decisions with her head obviously and she is smart enough not to fell for that.

  7. Carl says:

    We need a very strong beginning of season 3. A little bit of shock a little love . I would like to see one of the children from Mt Weather come into play. If you tie in the twelve tribes of grounders the story can go on forever!!

    1. T.F. says:

      Yes, the story can go on forever, with the back stories. Bellamy’s back story is already in the works. They are trying to decide who will play his father. Then of course, there is Lexa’s back tattoo and how that, is going to be revealed to the viewers. Supposedly the tattoo is just like the one Anya had, though we never got to see hers. Or course, there is Jaha, Murphy and A.L.I.E. Also, there is the other part of the Ark that came to earth. No one at Camp Jaha bothered to go look for it. At some point, that will probably come into play as well. so, there is a possibility of a bunch of people new Arkers, added to the show. I am sure The 100 writers, have surprising things planned for the viewers in season 3 and beyond.

      1. GVT says:

        I just finished the series… it shook me more than I expected and I agree with many of the comments above, but I am left with some un answered questions. For example, why would Lexa be satisfied taking her prisoners and leaving with a HUGE army at her side after the Mount Weather crew tortured and bled them for seemingly years? In addition, the door was open, why did Clark’s own people retreat both outside the door and inside the reaper tunnels, they should have stayed by her side but everyone abandoned her? That makes no sense, did she all of the sudden become “not in charge”? As well, Mount Weather has missiles… big scary ones that can wipe out an entire village… I know they are using a back up generator right now, but couldnt some of the survivors simply point one at Camp Jaha and say goodbye to the rest of them with a simple click of the button. Surely the securty that survived and were treated would want some kind of retribution after watching their entire population get radiated?

        Finally, yes… enough with the mother daughter angst… it was Old the minute it started… There are so many stupid dramatic things that people in this show do while HUGE consequential things are going on… I loved the series, but sometimes I wonder if the writer’s teenage daughter got a hold of the lap top a few too many times… Just sayin.

        1. Kahlan says:

          Love discussion about that show and I may help you with those questions.
          1). Like she said, they have been threatened for years by the MM for blood supply. But what Lexa basically want as the Grounder leader is to protect her people. So yeah, she used the Jus drein Jus daun (blood must have blood) speech to motivate her warriors. But still, she wants them to survive above all, so she does not want to waste lives too. The mission was then set to a rescue mission and was not about wiping them out. The deal she accepted with MM was to get back the prisonners and to stop any further threat from MM, and that witout any bloodshed. That was not about revenge but ending the killing of her people as she said : “we do what we must to survive, the enemy does the same ; this is not personal”. At this point the MM had found out about the prisonners and were about to wait behind the doors with all of their firepower (potentially machine guns,..) so many warriors would have been killed in the process. At this moment, she got the safety of her people, yeah at the expanse of the sky people inside. But yeah it’s about perspective…
          2). The sky crew retreat was because they have lost the Grounders’s army ….without them hard to go throught that where the MM were waiting with their guns. For them, it would have been a suicide. Furthermore at that moment, Clarke was desesperate and had no plan anymore. What orders to tell ? She can’t ask them to throw their lifes in a risky situation. But I thought Miller’s would have stayed at least ..
          3). Concerning MW missiles, to aim they need a spotter near the site (2.12&13). By the way if you’re talking about the moment after the radiation of Level 5 : all the MM were gathered there at this moment, included soldiers (back up generator was used to defend Level 5) ; but if you remembered Emerson said he was the only soldier healed still alive since the bone marrow treatement takes 48h to kick in. So no Mountain Men survivors at the end (Cage healed killed by Lincoln) except Emerson !

          1. GVT says:

            Excellent clarification… thanks, I agree… it was a bit un-satisfying but in the end logic prevailed over rage I guess…She made the decision to take the deal with her head, not her heart.

          2. Kahlan says:

            Exactly ! You are welcome. Re-watching episodes helps a lot

  8. Laura says:

    I want some Bellamy X Clarke. I totally ship them and they become better people around each other, Lexa made Clarke go dark side.

  9. matt says:

    Heres one. What happened to Emerson??

    1. Kahlan says:

      Still alive but so alone

  10. JaneDoh says:

    If I was having to survive in the remnants of the Arc, I’d be getting a group together to head over to Mouth Weather. That place was full of awesome stuff and obviously is already well set up. After all, it’s not like the MM need it anymore…

    1. T.F. says:

      OMG, that is a great idea and I think that would really work.

  11. alis says:


    1. T.F. says:

      You don’t have to worry about Murphy dying because he is only one, that has been officially confirmed, to return for season 3. Besides his storyline has just begun, since he has found the tricked out bunker house.

  12. ddddd says:

    It wont premiere in the US till March 2016.. This has me insanely worried cause the show isn’t doing great in the ratings, and the delay could be The CW edging the show off the schedule. That being said its still doing slightly better than The Vampire Diaries which got renewed for a 7th season, even though the lead Nina Dobrev is leaving. So hope is not lost for Season 4.

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