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10 reasons why we wanted season 4 of The Following

The Following season 3 episode 3
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  1. Deirdre Moss-Hullender says:

    I wish there would have been ten seasons, I was really into the show and am so sad to see it end.

  2. Frank Jones says:

    Don’t see the point of constantly having people supposedly die and then come back to life. That is just a sign of poor writing. In this show the FBI makes so many mistakes, unbearable to watch, and again just a poor plot and poor writing.

  3. Marife says:

    im also expecting for another season. maybe they can make it as the series finale, but if ever the show will have plenty of viewers, maybe they could continue the storyline.

    im so impressed w/ how the series is moving, there are lot of stories behind the following and all of the characters are amazingly created by kevin williamson. GOOD JOB! I WANT MORE!

  4. Shawnda O says:

    Nooooo, it HAS to come back!!!

  5. Space says:

    The show was Ryan Hardy V’s Joe Carroll.
    They had something SO powerful, the chemistry between those actors and Claire – was amazing.
    It was good – too good – it was too good that the writers didnt know what to do with it.
    Without Joe Carroll, they had nothing.
    They ruined one of the best shows ever – season one was epic.