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10 reasons we think 90210 deserves a comeback

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  1. tee says:

    I don’t necessarily miss the series to the degree it needs to return, even though i enjoyed the vast majority of the series, from seasons 1, to 3 at best. Seemed like so much was going on with all these characters and it kinda lost sight of what it was in the beginning at the end of it. But with that said, i would love to at least have seen Dixon and Silver, reunite and obviously she survived the ordeal of having cancer. I thought that relationship should have never been tampered, or at least not stretching it out as long as it did, to where the show is no longer and you are left wondering, what if? You think about all the characters on that show and they seemed to have the most promise, when they were together, that when they broke up, they both seemed to find themselves both at the short end of the stick of many things unfortunately.

  2. Dominic Wingate says:

    The series had so much potential but started losing its magic after season 2, just think the producers got to cocky and tried to do too much, they should of stuck with there couples they had in season one. Fans wanted Sixon and there’s that void of not knowing if it ever happens again.