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Bear Grylls: Endeavour presented by Land Rover – London live review

Bear Grylls
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  1. Kevin Hall says:

    It certainly does need a lot of work. At the moment the special effects and stunts actually interrupt the story telling, rather than adding to it. The story of the amazon jungle air crash survivor is particularly weak and it closes the show before the interval. It’s also rather weird having Grylls narate standing alongside the actor crawling around portraying the survivor. At one point he covers her in leaves as if he’s the personification of the jungle helping the woman. Bizarre. Compared to the stirring opening story of the Australian Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson it seems very under par. Quite a lot of empty seats for the second half as a result.

    Mallory’s Everest exploits are well told, but Grylls flying about on his wire was a distraction. The wire is essential for the Apollo 13 story though. Although well known I felt it was worthy of inclusion. Shame about him pretending the lad “helping” him was a volunteer afraid of heights and not his own son. Maybe young Huckleberry Grylls is afraid of heights, but the pretence spoiled things. Gryll’s quasi-religious sermon at the end was jarring. A message about the beauty of creation is not necessary in a show about survival.

    Definitely a show for families with children and not adults. It’s nothing like his TV shows. That should have been made clearer in the promotional hype. It’s very disjointed and inconsistent. 2/5 is about right.

  2. Damian says:

    Very disappointed tonight. Enjoy watching Bear on his shows but this was very poor. He is narrating stories with minimal props and lots of screen action. Extreme overuse of him in wires doing forward rolls and floating over the stage. No climaxes, no breathtaking stunts, no edge of your seat moments. The crowd beside us were constantly laughing (as were we about how lame the show was with actual scenes of him trying to act in a panto). Utterly disappointed. We left at half time as did several others. Sorry Bear. Lots of respect for you but the show isn’t worth paying for.