The Tunnel

The Tunnel season 3 release date, new details and images

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  1. PirouetteKakawète says:

    I can’t wait to watch this ! And uh sorry guys but there is a mistake with the credits of the two french cops photo, it’s not Thibault de Montalembert (Olivier) it’s Cédric Vieira.

    1. Thanks for letting us know, this has been corrected.

      1. PirouetteKakawète says:

        You are almost right, but Cédric Vieira play the role of Philippe Viot not Olivier. It’s my fault the way i said it was not clear sorry.

        1. Thanks again. Doesn’t help that the official images from Sky have it wrong!

  2. PirouetteKakawète says:

    By any chance, is someone knows who is singing the cover of « The Sound of Silence » in the teaser ?