The Tunnel

The Tunnel season 3 finally announced as The Tunnel: Vengeance

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  1. TicTacToe says:

    Wonderful news ! I’m glad one of my favourite duo, Karl & Elise, will come back again for another story.

  2. richirish says:

    What happened to Season 2?

    1. usafrn says:

      I read that the EU probably wrote and directed it….from their point of view.

  3. usafrn says:

    I accidentally found The Tunnel – Season 3 on PBS in Northwest USA. I was taken in by the great
    acting by the stars who say more with their eyes than their mouths. Great show. The plane crashed
    a week ago. Those scenes had me riveted. So realistic. Superior work.

    1. Ariana Rodriguez says:

      The plane crash is season 2 🙂

      1. usafrn says:

        Thanks. Such a good series.

  4. Howard64 says:

    Great news . Can hardly wait . There is a rumour going around that one of the stars will be killed off . If this is the last series , may be true . But who . My guess is Karl .

    1. Robin Lee says:

      I saw season three. U would be incorrect and I’m bummed about it!

  5. blogenfreude says:

    Bleak at times, but one of the best things on series TV. It’s Breaking Bad good.

  6. Clare Amoroso says:

    I have enjoyed each and every episode of The Tunnel Series 1 and 2. The writing is exceptional, the acting superb and the cinematography gripping. I feel like I personally know Karl and Elise. I also think Karl’s wife played such an integral role and beautifully. So looking forward to Series 3. For this viewer, it will also be difficult to say goodbye. Thank you to all who worked to produce such a fantastic show.

  7. Jene Sherry Breitburg-Moya says:

    Love this wonderful series from the beginning and all the characters each season. I was hooked from the first episode, great plots and finally saw some personal, raw emotions with each character. Sad it will be ending and will miss them all.

  8. Bob Biggs says:

    Just finished watching series 3 Vengeance on dvd , I wont be a spoiler but it is better after a second or third run through and at the end this old man unashamedly had tears on his cheek. Recommended .