The Tunnel

10 things we want from The Tunnel season 3

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  1. j24601 says:

    …and more of the beautiful East Kent coast, especially the sandy beaches, rugged chalk cliffs and quaint seaside scenery from Margate to Ramsgate via beautiful Broadstairs.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed both seasons so far. I’m rooting for a season 3. I’d like to see them explore the “They” in season 2 who spied on and bugged Karl and Elise. Was the gas leak at his home just a gas leak or something more sinister? We never really find out for sure who is watching them – Was it MI5, French spies or some unknown, yet brilliantly evil bad guy? It would be terrifying and gripping to discover an unknown villain from Karl’s undercover days who’s been watching him, his family and his partner all along and has been planning a complex twisted revenge plot that puts both english and french teams to the test.

  3. Cathy Speight says:

    I so want a third season. This is drama at its finest. But, I wouldn’t want to lose any of the major characters…they all play an important part. Great drama with exceptional acting.

  4. Hannah Forster says:

    there has to be a third season, and Eryka reaaally should come back, but surely she’d be unable to, considering she was well involved in the storyline and people died!

  5. Gwyn Leyshon says:

    What about the return of Stanley Townsend as Mike Bowden. A great actor playing a great character! Some of his lines were fantastic

  6. Deb E says:

    Having just viewed the finale of season 1 last night on PBS and wondering if there is a season 2, I was delighted to see this (and didn’t read most of it for spoilers). Looking forward to starting season 2 and hoping for the third one as well.

  7. LKY says:

    It’s a great show! I really hope there is a s3 and Eryka should come back!!!!!!! The chemistry between her and Elise just blown me away, it’s so intense and amazing.

  8. TicTacToe says:

    Bring back Cécile Cabrillac (Sigrid Bouaziz) in the show, i really missed her in the season 2.

  9. Nilsa Paganacci says:

    Elise and Eryka together even if Eryka works for the Russians. Our president,seems to have interests in Russia. New golf courses ?

  10. Victoria Francis says:

    I am hoping to see more of Eryka and Elise in season #3. However, I am hoping none of the leads meet a terrible ending.

  11. Deb E says:

    I posted a year ago that I was looking forward to season 2 on PBS and having finished viewing it last week, I’m really hoping for season 3. I hope Elise recovers fully with her eye sight as well. I thought for sure she was a goner at the hands of the chemist. I enjoy the info on how they make the episodes too.