Zayn – Mind of Mine album review

Zayn Malik
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  1. Fuck Zionism says:

    Some Biased Music Reviewer deliberately tried To degrade Zayn’s work. But otherwise You Gotta love this amazing album. Dude actually surprised me !!

  2. Cass says:

    The bad part of this was that he’s trying too hard to break away from his 1d past??? when will reviewers stop using his past as an excuse to negate his current accomplishments? It’s not even just him, but with anyone who comes from some sort of “teen sensation” background. Journalists always crap on their work saying that just because they are talking about sex/alcohol they are “trying too hard to prove they’re an adult” or “trying to rid themselves of the past”. Newsflash: that’s the culture of many young adults! It’s not something that is out of the blue and that they just do to try and “prove themselves” to the media. The bias for that has no merit. Do people not realize Zayn is a 23 year old man? Is it really that odd that he’s cursing and talking about normal things most people do?? Or was he really expected to play it safe forever? Like wth-the only con you have listed is a reference to his past bc of this classic journo move. Why not give the 5/5 when the only con is a freaking biased thought! ugh.

    1. Khazija says:

      Thank you. Journalists and especially critics need to stop using that line or angle against Zayn.

      Zayn is being very authentic to his real self in Mind of Mine. He sings about a variety of topics and the subject matter is mature. Notice how all of the mixed or negative reviews bring up the same dig about him “trying too hard”. It is like these reviewers are following a certain script. Zayn sings about pain, love, and loss. Zayn sings about people who have hurt him. It is sad that the journalists haven’t bothered to analyze the lyrics properly but keep dismissing it as it being about only sex or alcohol.

      I never read or saw people bash Usher or JT over the lyrics of their songs which were more blatantly about those aspects.