Queen + Adam Lambert wow at London New Year’s show

Queen + Adam Lambert
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  1. Candlefly says:

    Super super performance, the kid was electric.

  2. Sam says:

    The performance of ‘The Show Must Go On’ was mind-blowing! Phenomenal!

  3. Sam says:

    No one else can sing like Adam Lambert. I’m so glad that Queen and Adam have found one another. Legendary music lives on …

  4. 6plus12 says:

    Thanks for the article – saw the live stream – it was really terrific – these guys sound as great as ever and Lambert is phenomenal –

  5. imrah says:

    Adam is electrifying, magnetic, mesmerizing…i can go on & on…great singer..great performer..but above all, he is a generous soul & a sweetheart..

    1. Lauriellen says:

      And don’t forget HOTTER THAN HELL!

  6. Cingara says:

    Great concert and great exposure! It was broadcast live on both BBC1 TV and BBC Radio, AND on a worldwide LIVESTREAM online. Watched it live from Florida. Thanks for these two videos, and LOOOVE the bagpipes on We Will Rock You, genius! Queen + Adam is magic and Freddie’s brilliant songs and his spirit are alive.

    1. Pied-Piper says:

      Glad you enjoyed the bagpipe intro for WWRY Cingara! I only got the call a day or two before and was nervous as heck as to whether they’d be OK. The show was amazing, Adam was brilliant, and the whole band and crew are fantastic! It was a privilege to be able to contribute in some small way!

      1. Cingara says:

        Wow, so nice to hear from you. Can imagine the nerves, but it was a unique and very moving intro. Great job! (I love bagpipes at all times anyway, such a haunting and lovely sound.)

        1. Pied-Piper says:

          So kind of you Cingara!

      2. Hoopla1 says:

        You and your bagpipe intro to WWRY were a wonderful surprise! Beautiful contribution…thank you so much!

        1. Pied-Piper says:

          Thanks Hoopla 🙂

  7. Lov says:

    He’s super talented and handsome! an Adam Bom! 😉

  8. Sue says:

    I watched the live stream on the east coast of the US. It was on at 6:15 pm. The show was not announced until December, when many people had their NYE plans to go out in the UK. The show was on at 11:15 pm to past midnight there, on the night of the year when there are more people not at home. What may be more important may the DVR delay watching numbers in the UK plus online views at Youtube or other sites like that. I don’t think that worldwide online views can be measured unless the BBC has those figures and they want to release them. Did Adam’s search numbers go up in any other countries? Did Queen’s numbers go up? Did sales numbers go up for Queen and Adam in other countries? How was this online stream advertised in other countries?

    Incredible show. Incredible performance. I think Brian got more crotch shots than Adam did, considering the location of where the guitar is when he is playing!

    I heard a live video taken by someone in the audience, and Adam’s voice sounded better on that video than it did on the live stream. Hopefully, the quality of the live stream is good enough to get people excited about Adam as a performer.

    1. DrakulkaCZ says:

      I knew about stream just from the internet, nearly no comercials in our country – even for the sold out concert in Prague. And the sound of the stream was worse than the sound on the videos from the people they were there inside the hall and put it on youtube.

      1. 6plus12 says:

        Dunno – stream sounded great to me – have really good speakers –

        1. DrakulkaCZ says:

          My speakers are good enough. But sometimes I thought that Adam´s mic was suppressed. And when you play the video from the people inside the hall – you must say it´s truth.

          1. 6plus12 says:

            Have listened to fan vids – but I’ll go back and listen again to see if there’s a difference.

      2. Lauriellen says:

        No matter how good the sound is on any stream or video, you MUST experience being in the same room with Adam. His voice touches everyone in the audience. He vibrates on some level. Hard to explain.

    2. 6plus12 says:

      And plus TSP #1 Best Seller in Glam Rock

      Good news here –

    3. 6plus12 says:

      Think the aim was to break into the U.K. – he does pretty well in other countries – mission accomplished apparently.

    4. Allysa says:

      As far as I know there was no mention of Adam+Queen in the news or entertainment shows in America. I found out because I follow Queen and Adam on twitter. Taylor Swift was the talk of the town in the USA. Ugh!!!!!

    5. Cingara says:

      Some stats have been reported on Twitter. The idea was to gain UK audience and they won the night, both before and after the fireworks on TV. The LIVESTREAM was requested by many to both Brian May and BBC on Twitter and other media, and once it was granted was promoted incessantly worldwide by the Twitter Queen and Adam fanbase. Adam is already very popular in many other countries, and of course Queen.

  9. Record a studio CD with new songs, please!

    1. Carol Cahoon says:

      Adam has a new CD nearly ready for release. It was put on hold so he could tour with Queen. Hopefully it will be out soon after the Queen tour ends.

      1. Thanks Carol, anyway I was thinking in a CD with Queen… 🙂

    2. Sue says:

      Adam is such an exceptional live singer that a studio album with Queen would not be as electrifying. I would much rather see them put out a live album of new material. It would be much more unusual to have a live album of new material.

      1. DrakulkaCZ says:

        Thay recorded Live CD and DVD in Sydney 2014! The first concert.

  10. Guest says:

    Wonderful aricle. Great concert! WOW!!

  11. Leona Blue says:

    Wonderful concert. FANTASTIC!! Love them together!! WOOW!!

  12. Judy Purcell says:

    It was a concert to end all concerts !! Absolutely spellbinding from start to finish !!

  13. Bamboo says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing both shows in Toronto Canada , followed the North American and Asian / Australia on YouTube , and many thanks to folks that uploaded the videos from the many other venues .
    Other than to say, simply outstanding, this is the ultimate match… iconic band meets probably the most charismatic and talented vocalist that we have had the pleasure of expierencing. Since Freddy. If you should have the chance to see them live… take it… It is a concert you will not forget.

  14. Lauriellen says:

    Adam is a ROCK GOD in many countries. But in the US I think there are too many crappy things to spend our entertainment dollars on. But he is close to “world domination” now. 😉

  15. Jacqui Watts says:

    Adam Lambert is THE best performer around. He looks and sounds fantastic on videos but the most magic happens when you see him live……..UNBELIEVABLY BRILLIANT!!!!

  16. Jen Wimbers says:

    peformance was electrifying, as a longtime ‘glambert’ i don’t think i stopped grinning from start to finish. i had recently kind of lost track of all the gigs he’d been doing with Queen, didn’t realise they had done a tour. needless to say, found them all on youtube and WOW, just WOW. i am so totally in love with this! and uselessly in lust with Adam! i would really, really like to be about 15 years younger. and with a willy. oh well. one day i WILL get to see them live,,,,,,that’ll have to do 🙂 so lovely to see all the positive comments on this, loving it. peace 🙂

  17. Andy Barron says:

    BRILLIANT, got tickets for the O2 on the 17th of Jan. Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ShaunU says:

    Loved the concert, but where or what was the venue?

    1. Celtic Mairin says:

      The concert was held in Westminster Hall underneath the Big Ben tower of the Brit Houses of Parliament (originally known as Westminster Palace).