Adam Lambert receives rave reviews for Queen tour

Queen + Adam Lambert
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  1. kateLS says:

    My new favorite song on the set list. Adam totally nails it, his vocals are stellar!

    1. Broddybounce says:

      You’re referring to “Save Me” — and I totally agree. My new fave, too, and I am totally in love with this performance (and, of course, Adam himself!). “Who Wants To Live Forever” is way up there, and his performance of it in London was also incredible, especially 2nd night, brought me to tears; but “Save Me” had me full-on crying!

    2. Jane says:

      I love his sweet clear vocals in Save Me. He does metallic rock edge brilliantly too but there’s something so special about his softer tones and his lower register work. Also the accapella beginning, just his amazing vocals ringing out so beautifully in a huge arena. I would kill to hear that live.

      1. Belle says:

        “I would kill to hear that live”.. I was lucky enough to hear those amazing vocals on Sunday night. I adore every song that he sings, but you’re right in that there is something so special about his ballads. His sweet voice hits a place inside of you that touches your very soul!

  2. Yvette says:

    isten Up..They are making History..they are a Dream Team and the few who get a ticket are BLESSED indeed. How to find words to explain how Phenomenal the Queen and Adam concert is. Adam OWNS THE VOCAL THRONE! There is no one who can go Toe to Toe with Adam Lambert and compete. He will take you on an Otherworldly journey into a Kick Ass Rock n Roll Fairytale! The journey is Adam Lamberts and you are along for the wild emotional ride of your life! When it ends you will want to run to the front to get back on the ride. All the Praise and reviews from everyone Blessed enough to attend is not exaggerated. QUEEN and Adam are the Real Deal, it’s happening now and you’ve never seen anything like it in your life….If your one of the Blessed.

    1. Belle says:

      I was one of the blessed and it blew my mind!

    2. EternalGlamNation says:

      Yes! You nailed it exactly: “When it ends you will want to run to the front to get back on the ride.” There is such a withdrawal after seeing him live that you just can’t wait to see him again. He is addictive!

  3. Margaret Wernerspach says:

    Tell that to the idiot in the New York Times!! I doubt he was even there at MSG.

    1. 6plus12 says:

      Was at MSG and remember that guy – looked him up at the time – Jon Pareles – studied jazz flute at Yale, graduated, and became a reviewer. Another sterling example of the depth of knowledge of most music bloggers..

    2. Jane says:

      Why focus on one of only a couple of negative reviews in ALL the shows this tour has done so far? Who cares what one bitter old bloke in New York wrote especially when his review had so many mistakes it was obvious he didn’t actually see the concert for more than 5 minutes, if that. He didnt even know who sang what songs! (and remember the NY Times used to slam Freddie & Queen too back in the day) Just focus on the rest of it. Dozens of sold out stadium shows worldwide, matched with dozens of great reviews and thousands of ecstatic concert goers. It’s all good. Why bring up the miniscule bad?

  4. 6plus12 says:

    Thanks very much for the article. It’s wonderful seeing this great performer coming into his own – recognized by the world as one of the great singers – he is –

  5. Sam Sammy says:

    Thanks for this video of ‘Save Me’, which was taken on 17th January.

    I was there at the concerts on 17th and 18th; I think that it was a real privilege to witness the live performance of ‘Save Me’ on 18th, partly because of the better sound during the concert on 18th. Adam’s voice and vocals of ‘Save Me’ were phenomenal and out of this world … tears were rolling down on my face.

    1. Belle says:

      I was there on the 18th and the whole show blew me away! Save me touched a place in my heart that will stay with me forever.I hope we get a video of the song from that day. I need to be there again.