Daughtry interview

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  1. Bradley says:

    “Using Adam for his fashion advice”?? What’s that supposed to mean? Gee, I would have thought they were using him for advice on stage presence, performance skills, heartfelt delivery, song choice, creativity, extraordinary vocal ability … too much to list.

    1. Jane says:

      Yeah LOL A bit of a strange choice of words….. Pretty sure they were “using adam for his awesome talent and mentoring abilities” His fashion sense is hardly relevant to the contestants at this point.

      1. Baptized says:

        You don’t know. Maybe Adam was hired for fashion advice, while Chris was hired to show the contestants how to sell albums. Who knows. Coulda been vice versa.

        1. Jane says:

          LMAO it’s a talent show not Next Top Model or Project Runway. In addition, from the footage on the show, Adam clearly gave vocal/performance advice to the contestants as he was supposed to do, NOT fashion advice. That was a facetious comment from Daughtry and unworthy of him.

  2. Camille says:

    wow what a dismissive thing to say ‘fashion advice’ hmmm makes me wonder if was just a tad jealous

    1. Luana says:

      Chris isn’t jealous of anyone, he came back on American Idol several times and he’s the best!

  3. beach says:

    Great interview!