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LeAnn Rimes interview

LeAnn RImes
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  1. RH says:

    Leann Rimes has no children. As often as she tries to make herself and other’s believe it, Brandi’s children refuse to call her “Mom”. They know who their Mom is, and Leann kicking and screaming about it, won’t change that fact. She is a vile human being for continuously trashing Mom of step kids and then selfishly using them in the press to promote her albums. No a-list celebrity would ever talk about their step children or real children the way she does. She never acts in their best interests and never gives them the privacy that they, themselves have repeatedly asked for, and that their Mom has asked for, on their behalf. Unlike Leann, a real mom, acts in the best interests of her children. Leann just acts in the interests of herself.

    1. gessiewtf says:

      Oh shut up. Get a life. It is a victory for children when blended families work out so well. To have a step-parent that loves you is a wonderful gift that increases your chance tremendously at a happy future. Just ask those of use who had the opposite. We are in therapy for the rest of our lives. Go jump off a bridge.

      1. RH says:

        Im sure Brandi’s boys will be “thrilled” to read about Leann and her friends trashing THEIR MOM all over the Internet. I am sure they will be “thrilled” to see how much Leann SWF their Mom & stalked their family incessantly even before the affair was outed. The proof is out there for them to see. Leann’s behavior will cause them to need life-long therapy.

        1. Kay. says:

          Are you sure their mommy sleeping with random men and having drinking issues won’t lead to that? Shut up

  2. gessiewtf says:

    Love her. Just love her.

    1. guest says:

      Gross. You’re obviously an idiot.

  3. Didi says:

    You might want to learn how to spell Carlisle correctly. The problem with LeAnn is that she is a weak human being. She cannot handle any criticism, even the lightest or things said in jest. She is a weak soul whose “creating” consists of using someone else’s hit song to try and score a hit or continually mirroring the clothes, hair and life of her husbands ex wife because she can’t do it on her own. The mirrors in her video sure are appropriate. She does this all while spewing stupid life quotes she herself does not follow. She is not at peace with herself and never will be. This point is proven by the sheer amount of self help books she has been reading for years. Always searching for herself in someone else’s world.

    1. Kay. says:

      Yeah… idk who tf Brandi Carlisle is, but Brandi CARLILE sings “The Story.”

      For someone who hates her so much you’re really on her jock. PAthetic

  4. elle_b_sure says:

    Go home to my kids? Why is she saying stuff like that? She actually sounds better lately until comments like that. My heart would break if I were the mom.

  5. guest says:

    I must have missed LeAnn giving birth. She doesn’t have any children and she never will.

  6. RH says:

    EF didn’t like my comment so they removed it, and denied free speech guaranteed by the Constitution. Its a shame that speech is censored. But the truth is the truth, and not even EF can change the facts.

    The fact is that Brandi’s children, Leann’s step children refuse to call her Mom, but call her Le, aka, Dad’s wife. No matter how hard she tries to convince others, the boys will never see her as a Mom. Furthermore, Leann never acts in the best interests of Brandi’s children. Leann Rimes has incessantly stalked Brandi and Brandi’s children long before the affair even went public. Now, she has SWF Brandi – copying her tweets, pictures, clothes, shoes, jewelry, doctors, cars and more. She has favorited tweets of “fans” and “friends” who have trashed Mom on social media, even though she knows Brandi’s kids could be reading it, as her oldest is on social media. Leann Rimes has trashed Mom of step kids in her music, on national tv, and on social media. Unfortunately, it is all out on the Internet for Brandi’s boys to read about. Leann Rimes is a vile human being, and refuses to stop using the boys for publicity stunts, despite repeated requests by the boys and their Mom to stop talking about them.

  7. ilovegossip says:

    Great interview! She really does speak well, and you can tell she’s educated. Not like most of the bimbos in LA these days whose only words are STFU, lol. Her career is on the upswing, which she (and her voice) deserve. Wish I was more into her music… but until she works in rock songs…it’s just not for me. But her voice is amazing. One of the best I’ve ever heard.

  8. Holly says:

    I can’t wait for LeAnn’s next album!
    God bless her always!!!
    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of LeAnn)

  9. elle_b_sure says:

    Go home to my kids? Why is she saying stuff like that? She actually sounds better lately until comments like that. My heart would break if I were the mom.

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