Manvent 2016: Day 3 – Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert
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  1. Sherry says:

    Don’t care whether a man is gay or straight Adam is the hottest man on the planet.

  2. Margie Maxwell Potts says:

    What a gorgeous human being inside and out, and one of the most talented.

  3. PatAfan says:

    Adam’s supplied his fans with a stellar year. The XFac judging and subsequent win with Isaiah is icing on the cake. Adam gets hotter every year and can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for 2017. Dr. Bri promised us something a little different with Queen, can’t wait!!

  4. MaryMaryQUITE ; ) @glitzylady says:

    And not to forget the 24 Queen + Adam Lambert “Summer Festival Tour” concerts he fronted with Queen in 2016 (in addition to the MANY he has done in the past since first meeting them in 2009).. Several of the included Instagram photos are from those 2016 Queen shows.. Yes, such a wonderful and incredibly busy year for this multi/mega talented man!

  5. I don’t need any other Manvent days, it begins and ends with Adam Lambert


  6. Selu Peace says:

    Dear Mr. Ellwood-Hughes: Why the need to mention his sexual orientation? Did you mention the sexual orientation of the straight men you are featuring? I usually like and share your articles on twitter and facebook. Not this time.

    1. funbunn40 says:

      Adam is the sexiest, best looking man on the planet & his appeal is universal. I don’t know what his being gay has anything to do with anything but his personal life.His talent, charisma & drop dead gorgeous, movie star handsome looks beats any man I’ve ever seen. When he smiles. all is right in the world .He definitely is a mood elevator.No one can follow his act. He’s all I care to see for the rest of Manvent days.

    2. Marjolein Verheij says:

      The articles of the Manvent are posted in the Gay Focus section of this site (see url). So “Gay Focus favourite” is just saying that Adam is a fave in this section of the site. No harm done, no ulterior motive meant I’m sure.

      1. Pip_EntFocus says:

        Thanks Marjolein. Absolutely no ulterior motive meant and you’re 100% right that it’s simply an article posted in a section titled ‘Gay Focus’.

    3. Pip_EntFocus says:

      Hi Selu. I don’t mention his sexual orientation any where in the article. This article is posted in ‘Gay Focus’ which is a section that is aimed at gay people and features men (gay and straight).

      1. Selu Peace says:

        Thank you for responding to me. My response to the article was because the link that I clicked on to arrive at this article did not say anything about “gay focus.” Rather, it said:

        “Manvent 2016: Day 3 – Adam Lambert
        We’re pulling out the big guns on day 3 with a very popular Manvent choice.

        The article, itself, begins with: “This year’s Manvent calendar started off with Nyle DiMarco and continued yesterday with singer Shawn Mendes. Today though we’re pulling out a Gay Focus favourite… Adam Lambert.”

        Without knowing that your website has a “gay focus” section, visiting the link above and reading “we’re pulling out a Gay Focus favourite” appeared to me to be labeling and categorizing him. My impression of the link on which I was clicking was that I was going to be reading an article about handsome men, period. I hope you can see my point of view. Perhaps the article can be worded differently to avoid the confusion.

        Nonetheless, I did not read anywhere about a “Straight Focus favourite.” Regardless of where on your website the article was featured, my point remains that he is mentioned in a “gay focus” category, while at the same time, there is no mention of a straight focus category. I believe labels and categories divide us rather than unite us.

        As I said in my original post, I am usually very supportive of your site and appreciate your coverage of entertainment news. Thank you for listening and considering my perspective.

        1. Pip_EntFocus says:

          Thanks for your comments. The URL for the article clearly states /gay-focus-section/ Manvent is a sub-section of Gay Focus and has been for the several years we’ve been doing the feature. All of the Manvent features are posted in the Gay Focus section and I don’t see that as categorising or labelling. We have a long history of catering to the gay community with the Gay Focus section and that’s something I’m very proud of. The gay community is under-represented and I’m proud that as a mainstream site we’re inclusive for everyone. Also we don’t have a ‘Straight Focus’ section, hence why we would never use that term.