Game of Thrones

10 things we want from Game of Thrones season 7

Game of Thrones
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  1. Michael Snyder says:

    Strategic & Operational Assessment – Danerys Targaryan
    Situation – At sea, with a fleet of 350-900 ships, carrying 10-15,000 Dothraki nomadic light cavalry and ~8,000 Unsullied infantry. Enough fodder and food for the transit to a friendly port in Westeros. Allied with the “Ironborn” faction following Yara and Theon Greyjoy and with the Tyrells and the current rulers of Dorne.
    Mission – Occupy King’s Landing, take the Iron Throne and rule Westeros minus the Iron Islands (at least for now)
    Intent – Find a safe port to land the army, rendezvous with allied forces and blockade King’s Landing
    Operations CoA – Phase I:
    1. Arrive at a safe port controlled by allies
    2. Land the Dothraki and Unsullied
    3. Receive homage from Dorne and Highgarden
    4. Send Yara and Theon Greyjoy to blockade King’s Landing
    5. Rendezvous with Tyrell and Dornish allies.
    6. Collect fodder (very important, too dangerous during combat ops to just let your horses graze) and food for the army for its advance on King’s Landing.
    7. Advance on King’s Landing
    8. Seek information about the Riverlands and the North

  2. Michael Snyder says:

    Strategic & Operational Assessment – Jon “Snow”, King in the North
    Situation – Victorious over the Boltons, Umbers and Karstarks. Acclaimed “King in the North” by Northern Lords, Freefolk and Knights of the Vale. Acclaimation not confirmed by Robin, Lord Arynn or the Lord Protector. Has an army at Winterfell. Knows Night’s King is north of the Wall. Knows condition of the Night’s Watch. Not sure of what’s happening in the south.
    Mission – Secure, unify and stabilize the North. Prepare for the Night’s King’s invasion.
    Intent – Re-establish the Starks, settle the Freefolk, secure the south and the west coast, plan to assemble an army when the Night’s King invades.
    Operations CoA – Phase I:
    1. Appoint Ser Daavos as hand of the King
    2. Form a Royal Council, with Ser Daavos, Lady Sansa, Lady Mormont, Lord Manderly, Lord Cerwin, Lord Glover and the Lord Protector as members.
    3. Announce Sansa as Lady Stark and Lady of Winterfell with oaths of the Stark Bannermen and control of the Stark lands.
    4. Recruit bannermen and men-at-arms from the loyal Lords.
    5. Send the unmarried surviving Bolton, Umber and Karstark Bannermen and men-at-arms to the Watch
    6. Distribute the remaining Bolton, Umber and Karstark Bannermen and men-at-arms among the loyal Lords
    7. Reconstitute the Stark lands
    8. Reward Lady Mormont with Umber land (King’s that don’t reward loyalty don’t stay Kings)
    9. Take half the remaining lands and settle the Freefolk with their oaths of fealty to the King
    10. Give Sansa half the recruited Bannermen and men-at-arms to oath to Stark lands
    11. Keep half the remaining land and half the recruited Bannermen and men-at-arms under oath to the King
    12. Disband the army to their homes (you have to understand feudal military systems to know the wisdom of this act)
    13. Move to the Umbers’ home castle. Expand and improve the castle.
    14. Arrange for rotations of Freefolk and King’s Men to garrison the King’s Castle and Moat Caillin to secure the southern approaches.
    15. Find everyway possible to feed the people. With the “Ironborn” gone, the coastal fishermen should be able to increase their catches, the more southerly lands might get something sowed and harvested (winter wheat? Barley?) and through trade.
    16. Find out what’s happening in the south, especially the Riverlands.
    17. Resolve the issue of fealty with Lord Arynn, the Lord Protector and the Knights that stayed in the Vale.

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