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10 things we want from a new James Bond movie

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  1. Ricardo Cantoral says:

    Don’t hold your breath for Steven Spielberg. As the man himself said, “they can’t afford me”. Secondly, he’ll demand total control of the picture and these pictures are controlled by Barbara Broccoli. Someone that powerful in Hollywood will not care to be under the thumb of a producer. The period piece idea I am on board with and definitely the demand of traditional film and bright colours. As for analyzing and critiquing the character, leave that to the film scholars. Fleming wrote Bond books for, in his words, “red blooded heterosexuals”. Keep it simple and leave the dreary, gray Jason Bourne crap to those Damon films. Fleming’s books did have moments where Bond was down right disgusted by his occupation, one most notable moment was when he lamenting the death of that Mexican killer in Goldfinger. Regarding Moore, I don’t think we need a cameo from him or any other Bond. It’s just pointless fan service like most of SPECTRE.