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Pip – Editor

I’m Pip the Editor of EF. I cover all areas of entertainment as well as ensuring the team are out about covering as much as humanly possible. Often I’m out and about with Bargi interviewing the cream of the music industry crop, propping up a free bar or looking out for the next big thing. So far working on EF has led me to meeting two of my idols Toni Braxton and Will Young and scored me a phone interview with the ridiculously handsome Gilles Marini. If you ask the rest of the team they’ll tell you I’m a slave driver…if you ask me I’d say they don’t know what hard work is 😉

E: pip@entertainment-focus.com

T: @PipEllwood


Bargi – Assistant Editor

I’m Bargi and what I like is taking long walks on the beach and having long conversations with interesting people…errrm wait a minute that’s my profile on matchmaking.com!!! Let’s start again…I’m Bargi mainly what I do is music reviews for EF. I enjoy nothing more than to discover new music and hot bands! I also do bands…mainly interviews and features and occasionaly go to movie premieres. My favourite thing in the world is attending music festivals (mainly cuz all common sense and inhibitions are left at the door, two things I lack in anyway) and am waiting very impatiently for the summer so I can behave like a crazy person and not be judged. That’s me the female voice of EF!

E: bargi@entertainment-focus.com

T: @Bargi_EntFocus


Greg – Games & Tech Editor and also EF’s webmaster

I’m Greg, and I run EF’s games and tech sections as well as development of the website and looking after our hardware. I’ve been playing games since the early eighties on the Commodore 64. I then progressed to the amazing Commodore Amiga followed by PC and consoles. Right now I split my time between Xbox One, PS4 and PC – you can find me on all three platforms as Tahllian. When I’m not gaming, dealing with PR or looking after EF I also enjoy watching films/TV and games programming.

E: grege@entertainment-focus.com

T: @GregE_EntFocus


Greg J – Theatre, Cult TV and music reviews 

I’m Greg and I’ve been part of the EF team since its inception. I provide coverage of niche subject matter such as cult British television made between 1962 and 1986, folk music and classic rock. I’m the lead theatre critic, and after some lobbying of the editor, managed to introduce a book reviewing section. When I’m not working for EF I’m out with fellow nerds visiting Doctor Who locations, or fawning over obscure British character actors. Besides that, I write my own fiction, paint in oils and take on occasional acting roles. Sucker for dogs.

E: greg@entertainment-focus.com

T: @Greg_Jameson


Jason – Film Editor

I’m Jason, EF’s resident Film Editor and a keen mini-golfer. I like all types of movies and watch a silly amount of television with Justified, Southland and Modern Family being particular favourites. Hobbies include watching movies, watching more movies and going to football matches. I like BBQ a hell of a lot, I like Megan Fox even more than BBQ and I have the shortest temper amongst the EF personnel. When I’m not working for the site you can find me in any cinema across London – that’s dedication to the cause!

E: jason@entertainment-focus.com

T: @Jason_EntFocus