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10 reasons why 24: Legacy should be cancelled

24: Legacy 1x02
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  1. jesse115115 says:

    I agree there is PLENTY to work on, but I want the show to get another chance to take the criticism and find its legs. I happened to like the fact that Eric wasn’t Jack. He was more human, he made mistakes, he wasn’t perfect, he got beat up, he was wrong a bunch of time, he needed saving, etc. Jack was a superhero by the end of the original 24 and never made a mistake to the point where I was NEVER concerned. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jack and he is the true hero in 24. I really enjoyed Eric though and think Corey Hawkins did a fantastic job. I agree about some of the subplots as well, and the dialogue was poor. I’m hoping they step it up. MORE TONY ALMEIDA!!! I like that they brought Tony in, but yes he was underused. I’d love to see him continue down the path of redemption and maybe even eventually become a good man again. He can NEVER erase what he did, but he can try and do some good. Make Carlos Bernard a series regular, step up the dialogue, try and be more creative and I think it’ll find its groove.

  2. doctor_house_md says:

    Look at it this way, the show being on the air costs the viewers nothing, so let it be on the air while it improves itself and we’ll have one less slot for Housewives of Jersey Shore or whatever crap show