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Lauren Goodger talks about new book

Lauren Goodger talks about new book

Former The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Goodger has been talking about her new book, and told that she no longer speaks to ex-fiance Mark Wright.

Lauren appeared on ITV’s Daybreak today to promote her new book, and said it contained personal memories, good and bad, about her time with her former flame.

She said: “If I had it my way there wouldn’t be anything in there at all about Mark. But obviously he’s been a big part of my life, it was what was on the show. I don’t want it all to be negative…It’s nice memories, it’s not all negative.”

Asked by Daybreak’s Aled Jones what “secrets” readers can look forward to, Lauren replied: “Do you know what, there are no secrets for real, it’s just more about me. I think it gives more of an insight into who I am. People watch the show and they meet me and they kind of think, ‘Oh, you’re actually really nice.’ And I think, ‘Well what did you think of me?’ But I think it’s kind of what the media and the show perceive me to be. But it’s more about inside of my friends, my family, just to get to know me a bit more.”

Talking about the negative comments she gets about her weight, she said: “It’s crazy and ever since I came on TV screen, that’s what they’ve kind of been obsessed with. It’s like, ‘You’ve lost so much weight’, and it’s like no I haven’t actually, I’m a normal girl that does go up and down.”

Watch Lauren’s Daybreak interview by clicking here

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