Hannibal season 3 publicity shots released

Hannibal season 3
  • SoWii

    Alana <3

  • Malvinna

    Bedelia! Stunning, just stunning!

  • Carrot931

    Alana my love <3
    And everybody, 'Hannibal' is so amazing.
    June 4th is going to be a literal blast!
    Season 3!!!

  • Mordegrad

    Hugh so beautiful … oh, how I miss him,I can’t wait anymore(;_;)

  • Saravy

    This is a gorgeous shoot! The white background shots were nice too, but the church ones were amazing. I’m so excited that Jack will be back for the third season. I hope that this isn’t Fuller and company trolling us and he’ll be dead after the first or second episode. lol! Anyways, I can’t wait for June 4th!!

  • Leannan

    Wait… is Alana in Italy? Might Bedelia be her love interest?

  • CatWoman

    So, I’m not sure if I’m overthinking this, but Lawrence Fishburne isn’t in any of the season 3 episodes, but he’s in these pictures. Is that a hint that he’s in a coma? It’d make sense, becasue Jack Crawford was in each of Thomas Harris’ three novels, as well as the movies. But then again, this show is ‘based’ on the characters, I suppose.