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10 reasons The Lying Game should be renewed

10 reasons The Lying Game should be renewed

ABC Family’s The Lying Game is currently hanging in limbo following the end of its second season.

Ending on one hell of an almighty cliffhanger, The Lying Game is the perfect mix of drama, twists and romance. We’ve fallen in love with twins Emma and Sutton and we don’t want them to be pulled from our lives by ABC Family.

As we write this the show hasn’t been cancelled or renewed but rumours suggest that the network may lose some of the cast now their contract options have expired and they are free to pursue other acting work. A decision on the show’s future is expected in July.

If you haven’t seen the show’s second season then we suggest you stop reading right now so we don’t spoil anything for you. If you have seen it then keep reading as we list all the reasons we want the show to come back.

1. Alexandra Chando. It’s no easy thing to pull-off but Chando has created two completely different characters with Emma and Sutton. She reminds us a little bit of The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev and is a fantastic actress. We need much more Emma versus Sutton in our lives.

2. We need to know what happens to Alec. Former Heroes star Adrian Pasdar is wonderful as the series’ shape-shifting baddie but we can’t not know if he survives that fall from the end of season two. Did Rebecca push him? It’s one of the most intense cliff-hangers we’ve seen on a show all year.

3. Thayer’s fate. The shocking reveal at the end of the second season finale suggested that Thayer killed Theresa. Is he really secretly evil and has he been trying to frame Alec all this time? We need answers people!

4. We love Laurel. Not only does actress Allie Gonino light up the screen at every opportunity but her band The Good Mad aka Strangeworthy soundtrack the show with their performances. Now she’s part of the gang and in on the Emma/Sutton secret we want her to have a bigger role in the show to utilise her impressive talents.

5. Kristin still has no idea. Now that Emma and Sutton have told Ted their secret, it’s time that Kristin found out surely? She’s one of the only characters still in the dark. Maybe it will stop her cosying up to Alec (who could well be dead anyway).

6. Charisma Carpenter. We’ve loved Charisma since her Buffy and Angel days so it’s great to see her back on our screens on a weekly basis. As scheming Rebecca she’s perfect and we want to see what else she has up her sleeve. We’re sure there’s plenty more secrets in her past to come out and we love trying to guess if she’s lying or telling the truth.

7. Mads and Jordan forever? Mads finally found out Jordan’s dark secret that Rebecca was holding over him. By the end of the season he was working on the right side and helping prove Rebecca’s guilt but did it cost him his relationship with Mads? We want to see how their relationship pans out.

8. Guy candy. Blair Redford, Adrian Pasdar, Christian Alexander and Ryan Rottman. The Lying Game had its fair share of guy candy and we want to still see them every week. Don’t take that away from us ABC Family.

9. Ethan and Emma or Ethan and Sutton? We prefer Ethan with Emma but something keeps him flitting between the twins. Surely Emma is better for him than scheming Sutton? We like Ethan and Emma together and want to see them enjoy a bit of happiness.

10. Dan needs closure. Poor Dan. During the second season his fiancée was murdered and he found out everyone he loves has lied to him. He was dangerously close to a melt-down by the end of the season and we need to see him get some closure. We can’t just be left wondering if he catches Theresa’s killer!

Do you agree that The Lying Game should be renewed for another season? Leave your comments in the usual place and let us know what you think.

By Pip Ellwood

Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Little Pip Digital.

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  • Sarah

    Yes it needs to be renewed!!! ABC family is crazy if they let this one go!

    • Tyra

      YES!!!!!!!! renew the lying game I miss it! its he only show that I watch

  • Marcela

    Please I love The Lying Game!!!

  • Sandra

    I freaking love The Lying Game!!! It has to be renewed. There is so much questions that we need anwers to!!! Please!

  • Bryannabxo

    I need to know what happened !!!!!

  • Maryannnnnnnn

    Renew the lying game!!!!!!!

  • Kelly

    Without The Lying Game I would have no interest in ABCFamily at all! They have to renew it! One of the most underrated but amazing shows on TV right now.

  • em


  • Lauren

    Please renew us Londoners love it!!!

  • Jessica

    Bring back The Lying Game!!! Love the show and need answers for so many things!

  • disqus_1aB3yCufjR

    Please renew this show… I cannot believe that it hasnt been renewed yet.. good shows are hard to find.. and for me to even want to start a show it takes some time…

    I cannot believe that after seeing all the loyal followers out there… you ( ABC family) still thinks they know best… hello!?… are you two big to listen to the little people???

    • Tabloid Junkie

      I think they THINK they are to big to listen to little ppl. Which is not cool on their part cause it is us litlittle ppl that make or break them!

  • Tabloid Junkie

    IMO it is stupid for ABC Family to just cancel the show!! If they do decide to do such a terrible thing, I vote that they at least make a movie to give us and all of the characters closure. Please consider the fans, ABC Family!! You air a fantastic show that has an incredible cliffhanger and that’s it?!? Not cool ABC Family! Not cool! Please at the VERY least consider a 2 hr movie conclusion!!!!

  • Alex

    You forgot Ted. He needs a chance at making things right with Kristin. Andy Buckley is so talented. He was on the Office. And he is in Life As We Know It, the Other Guys, and Bridesmaids. This show has really launched hi career and I’m excited to see where it takes him!

  • Joe

    Does anyone remember the Nine Lives of Chloe King? They replaced that with Switched at Birth after 9 episodes. And Jane by Design with that new show the Fosters. I’m sick of it. Don’t get me hooked on it if you’re just going to cancel it. At least make a movie.

    • Shawna

      I do. Its pathetic. We should start a petition to bring them back.

  • disqus_1aB3yCufjR

    It hard to trust ABCfamily for any shows it seems..

    They hardy finish what they start..

    I will only use that channel as a commercial filler if that.. if they cancel The Lying Game

  • adelia

    Yes!!! Please bring The Lying Game back so we know what happens!

  • Star_Climber

    Yes I THINK tha The Lying Games should be renewed! :)

  • Heather

    ABC Family sucks. The Lying Game should of been renewed days after the spring finale.

  • Emily

    If this is not renewed I’m completely done with abc family and so will my 10 other friends that come over every Tuesday to watch it

  • StacyLF

    They need to renew Lying Games! This is the only show I watch on this network! I hate when they make shows and dont keep them! This shows they are failures! They can’t manage to keep their stuff together and keep an audience, how pitiful is that?! They need to get it together and bring the actors back! Save the show I want more!

  • bring back TLG

    i need TLG back in muy life!!! the rateings were really good this season, so it doesnt make sense how they wouldnt get renwed.

  • LiarLiar

    It only started a few months ago in Aus on a popular pay tv channel and I’m loving it!!! Devastated to see it’s even up in the air about whether it’s being renewed. Only just got started, don’t take it away now!!

  • Paula

    Please bring it back

  • Jessica Molina

    Yes 1000% have it renewed. So many good shows these days end up being axed because of average viewership. It’ll be yet another loss for television in general if another great show bites the dust.

  • Samantha Carter

    Please renew the Lying Game. It’s such a great show with really great actors.

  • Robyn Sehy

    ABC Family needs to keep the show on – too many things that we do not know yet and I love the show!

  • idkwtd

    I will boycott ABC if they cancel the lying game.

  • DEE


  • Lola

    ABC you are crazy if you guys do not renew it

  • Zae

    Alot of people looked forward to seeing PLL & The Lying Game in that order not PLL then some new show, PLEASE renew The Lying Game

  • carla

    Yes!! I love this show!

  • a.h.

    Renew, renew, renew.

  • momoftwins

    Please renew. My favorite show and need to find out what happens.

  • asfa

    Definitely it has to be renewed….I just love the show…it shouldn’t be cancelled….so much mystery…

  • shaira

    I love this show I hope that abc renew the lying game pleas

  • Angel


  • cindi

    Renew, renew with the whole cast we need it and want it back.

  • Lanae

    Hell Yeah We Need Another Season. The Lying Game Is The Show And Come On Don’t Leave Us Hanging We Need Everything To Be Revealed

  • Tinah

    I have started watching this show 2 weeks ago, i’ve finished the second season today and i can’t wait till July to watch more episodes, I really need it now, so please, ABC
    Family you really HAVE to renew it!

  • carna


  • love the lying game

    you cannot end all series in the middle and leave us hanging… we want to know what happened!!! please

  • Bronx

    The Lying Game must come back!

  • emma

    The lying game has to come back!! It cant end like that, we love it here in the UK! It is one of my favourite shows

  • lying game lover 2000000000000

    maybe its not getting anuf viewers because not alout of people know about the show maybe if you put the show out there more you will get more viewers its not fair to us if u cancel this show I and many others love this show and I will never watch abc spark again if its canceld I <3 the lying game I bet if you continue the show more people will watch it please lying games come back for a new season and many more

  • FAN

    YES, I have been waiting to see the next season…..to much hanging out there. At least finish up with some answers…..please

  • Angie

    I agree110% that The Lying Game needs to continue!!!!!! I love everything about this show. I hate it so much when abc family cancels one of their best shows. I was already sad because they cancelled Make it or break it and now abc is leaving us with another cliff hanger with Lying game. Makes me not even want to watch abc family anymore :(

  • arelle

    Love this show! Pease renew. Too many unanswered questions.

  • Nicole

    Thank You Netflix for providing the two season.. PLEASE BRING IT BACK :'( rarely does a show suck me in.. My boyfriend even noticed how addicted to this show I was.. Netflix can bring it back in a major way. PLEASE!!!

  • Grace

    yes please give us closure !!

  • Maia fox

    I NEED to know what happens! Get this back on TV.. How else can I find out what happens?? PLEASE

  • Dani

    It’s late in the game for me but this show is amazing. Keeps my attention. I’ve watched it two different times and both times was sucked into the show. No doubt about it you should bring it back. You left to many questions in the air to drop it. Best show I’ve seen in awhile. Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! :)

  • firiyal

    the lying games should be renewed it was the best series that the abc family ever produced, they will be stupid to let it go

  • jelesss

    Its bull shit they have cancelled it like they couldn’t finish it with a last season who does that??? Don’t write a show if you’re gonna leave everyone hanging with EVERYONE having something to find out about one another, Christine is Alec dead?!! Like what the fuck happens wr WANT TO know and its fucking absolute bullshit!!!!! bring it BACK

  • Rebecca Hamilton (author)

    Two years later and people still want it back. JUST BRING IT BACK.