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SUN at St Leonard’s Church

SUN at St Leonard’s Church

SUN is an intimate reflection on the importance of mortality and human relationships that is written and directed by Alan Fielden of National Art Service. It runs at St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch, from Wed 5th February – Sun 2nd March 2014.

A young girl practices her piano, a couple remember, twins boil water, strangers fall in love. And then the world begins to end: fire and ash, dinosaurs, hurricanes, volcanoes, secrets …

An audience of no more than 40 are invited to walk between two separate performances within the nave of the church, absorbing delicate fragments which form a ‘painting with words’, created using elements such as light, darkness, height, sound and distance. Responding to the architecture and acoustics of the space, the thought-provoking performance explores what humans would keep in the face of extinction. What is sacred in the western world today? How we might be remembered by future generations?

SUN runs for ninety minutes with no interval.

For more on SUN, read National Art Service’s blog or follow on Twitter @natartservice.

The production photograph is by Jemima Yong.

By Greg Jameson

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