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Thomas Nicholas Band – TNB EP


Record Company: Thomas Nicholas Band
Release Date: March 20, 2012
Release Type: Album
Tracklisting: 1. Better Off Alone
2. My Generation
3. Love and Hate
4. Get Away
5. Ready to Fly
6. Laid

Thomas Ian Nicholas has been making music with his band under the radar for quite a few years now. In the US he’s released two albums already as Thomas Nicholas Band (TNB) but until recently his music hadn’t reached that far outside of the US. Last week saw the actor/singer play his first ever UK shows as word of his music starts to spread. Thomas is also busy promoting the latest American Pie movie, American Pie Reunion, which features his song My Generation on the soundtrack.

TNB EP is the latest release from Thomas Nicholas Band and features 6 new tracks showcasing Thomas’ abilities as not only a singer but also a songwriter and musician. Opening with the rocky Better Off Alone, the EP gets off to a flying start with Thomas’ voice soaring as rock riffs drive the melody. Sounding far rockier than we’d have guessed by looking at him, Thomas makes a convincing singer with a powerful and unique voice.

Over the course of the EP Thomas shows us his versatility with the commercial pop/rock of My Generation (which features on the American Pie Reunion soundtrack), turns his hand to anthemic rock on Love and Hate and switches gears on the rock ballad Ready To Fly.

Our favourite moment on the EP comes on the shimmering Sound Garden-esque Get Away. The deceptive verses give way to a storming chorus which allows Thomas’ voice to let rip and showcase its full power.

The EP ends with a cover of the James track Laid, a song which features in the American Pie movies. Thomas puts his own spin on the well-known classic and reaches some seriously high notes on the chorus.

TNB EP is a great collection of tracks that should bring Thomas Nicholas Band to the attention of a wider audience. With his profile high again thanks to American Pie Reunion, it’s the perfect opportunity to launch his music on the international market. As a singer and songwriter Thomas is very talented and this collection of songs has made us want to get his previous albums.

4 Stars out of 54 Stars out of 54 Stars out of 54 Stars out of 54 Stars out of 5

By Pip Ellwood-Hughes

Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Little Pip Digital.

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