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Scanners – Love Is Symmetry album review


Record Company: Tigertrap
Release Date: June 10, 2013
Release Type: Album
Tracklisting: 1. Love Is Symmetry
2. Control
3. Mexico
4. Charmed Life
5. My Streets Are Always In The Shade
6. State Of Wonder
7. When They Put Me Back Together They Forgot To Turn Me On
8. A Smile On Both Sides
9. I Couldn't Help Myself
10. Side Effects
11. Today Is The Tomorrow That They Promised Yesterday
12. One Problem Always Changes To Another

As the first days of summer finally begin to emerge, we could all use an up-tempo anthem or two to get us in the right mood. Step forward Love is Symmetry, the third album to come from London five-some the Scanners, stands us in good stead for the upcoming festival season and muggy lazy days on the heath.

The songs encompass a rhythmic ambiance ranging from a meditative and smooth sound to a more electronic-dance feel. So whether you’re in the mood to relax and enter into an altered state of mind or dance yourself silly, this album is worth listening to.

The Scanners have always taken a DIY approach to their music. A strong influence in the indie music scene, their tracks have previously been featured in many popular US shows (Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill) providing the backdrop to many a dramatic twist, helping their sound to reach a much wider audience, even arguably hitting the mainstream. With Love is Symmetry, the quintet decided to produce and record this album themselves. Upon completion, their creative juices were anything but exhausted, so they hand made their own bold promotional posters. How can you not get behind a group that is so multifaceted? The band appears to subscribe to the growing trend of cutting out the promotional middle man, ensuring that their own personal brand is thoroughly stamped on the finished product.

The band’s trademark synths remains a strong presence on many of the tracks, at times even lending an 80’s style vibe to the songs. This is none more evident than on opener and title track Love is Symmetry.

Tracks such as Mexico and Charmed Life have an almost Arcade Fire quality, rising and falling with the energy of Sarah Daly’s winning combination of vocals and violin. The addition of violin adds to the overall richness on the impressive State Of Wonder, a song inspired by the River Lea which flows past their East London digs.

Control is an upbeat mildly electro induced track guaranteed to put a smile on your face. With a catchy chorus it’s hard not to admire the sheer virility of an act so resolute and unwavering in their musical beliefs. Staying true to your roots is something that proves increasingly difficult, yet Scanners’ own blend of infectious and optimistic melodies have enough staying power to launch them to higher ground. Endearingly imaginative titles such as When They Put Me Back Together They Forgot To Turn Me On only add to the sense of honesty surrounding the group.

A varied effort, Scanners have proved their worth in their previous albums and surely look set to stick around, so tune in, and synthesize your symmetrical value to the anthems of Love is Symmetry; one of the sounds of Summer 2013.

3 Stars out of 53 Stars out of 53 Stars out of 53 Stars out of 53 Stars out of 5

By Lucy Christian

Lucy writes music news and reviews for Entertainment Focus.

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