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eCupid DVD review


Cast: Houston Rhines, Noah Schuffman, Brad Pennington, Morgan Fairchild, Andy Anderson, Chris Rubiez, Mike C. Manning, John Callahan and Galen Drever
Director: JC Calciano
Writer: JC Calciano
Released By: TLA Releasing
Certificate: 15
Duration: 100 mins
Release Date: May 14, 2012

Marshall (Houston Rhines) is an ad guy who finds himself wanting more from his life as he nears 30. Beginning to bore with long-time boyfriend Gabe (Noah Schuffman), Marshall begins to search online to spice up his love life. After stumbling across an app called eCupid, Marshall downloads it with curiosity. The app scans every inch of Marshall’s online life and starts putting him in touch with the kind of guys he thinks he wants. As his relationship with Gabe breaks down and Marshall receives the overwhelming attention of work colleague Keith (Matt Lewis) he begins to realise that he may have already had what he always wanted.

eCupid is the latest movie from director/writer J.C. Calciano and is his follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2010 movieIs It Just Me? As he showcased with Is It Just Me? Calciano has quite an eye for a romantic comedy and with eCupid he doesn’t disappoint. If you go into eCupid expecting a depiction of real –life then you’ll find plenty to pick at but if you go in just expecting to enjoy the ride then you’ll find much to enjoy.

eCupid is a little silly and obviously the storyline could never happen in the real world but the essence of it is a tale told many times in may different ways. Marshall has a ‘grass is greener’ view of how his life could be and it’s not until he sheds his old life that he realises the new life he’s pined for isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As men hit on him left right and centre (including an adorable small role from Chris Rubeiz), Marshall finds himself desperate to reconnect with Gabe and get their relationship back on track.

At the centre of eCupid is the cute, funny and very watchable Houston Rhines. Perhaps best-known for appearing in Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You music video, Rhines is simply adorable as central character Marshall. Not only is he smoking hot but he plays Marshall with the right amount of naivety. Based on his performance here he’s got a bright future ahead. Matt Lewis is also great fun as the over-enthusiastic Keith who spends the entire movie trying to get into Marshall’s pants. Iconic TV actress Morgan Fairchild pops up in a small cameo towards the end of the movie adding star quality to an already enjoyable movie.

eCupid is silly but engaging fun. Single-handedly director Calciano seems to be carving a nice out for himself as a gay romantic comedy writer/director and he does the job so well. eCupid assembles a gorgeous cast, a funny storyline and some genuinely sweet moments for 95 minutes of pure escapism. If you liked Is It Just Me? then you’ll love eCupid.

4 Stars out of 54 Stars out of 54 Stars out of 54 Stars out of 54 Stars out of 5

By Pip Ellwood-Hughes

Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Little Pip Digital.

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