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Play The Raid 2 8-bit game

Play The Raid 2 8-bit game

The Raid 2 hits cinemas on April 11th. To celebrate, there’s been an 8-bit retro game released putting you in control of all the popular characters from The Raid franchise.

Join the fight as all your favourite characters from The Raid 2, each with unique special moves! From Rama’s fast moving high kicks to Hammer Girl’s destructive hammer ground pound, this is (probably) the closest you’ll get to mastering Silat in real life.

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The Raid 2

The Raid 2 is in cinemas across the country on April 11th

You can also play The Raid 8-bit game at www.theraidarcade.com

The Raid 2 | In cinemas April 11th | #TheRaid2 | @TheRaidUK | Join the Fight

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