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Heidi and Spencer mock Ofcom

Heidi and Spencer mock Ofcom

Celebrity Big Brother runners-up Heidi and Spencer have mocked Ofcom, telling the media regulator not to continue with an investigation into their behaviour in the house.

The Hills couple wrote an open letter published in the Daily Star, and told the regulator to: “put on your big girl knickers and stop whining.”

They wrote: “We would caution the Ofcom people not to watch any episodes of Lost. There’s a guy on there named Ben who does some pretty terrible things to people.

“Also, definitely steer clear of any of the original Star Wars movies. There’s a guy in a big black suit named Darth Vader who kills people just by using his mind!

“Oh, and definitely don’t go near any Looney Tunes cartoons! There’s this coyote who tries to EAT the main character! Only he gets anvils dropped on his head so there’s twice the evil! The horror!!!”

“While they’re at it, they should probably stay away from taxis in case they get an angry driver or the coffee shop to avoid a waitress having a bad day.

“No family reunions either because let’s be honest, everyone has that one uncle who’s a jerk to people, right? The world is a complex place. There are villains out there. Some of them are actual villains. Some just play villains on TV.”

Sepdi became popular outside the house for their wild behaviour, and if rumours are true, they will have their own show on our shores pretty soon!

By Sian Eleri

TV Editor for Entertainment Focus. Also love a bit of music and theatre :)

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