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Marc Spitz releases memoir Poseur

Marc Spitz releases memoir Poseur

Music journalist Marc Spitz has released a new book called Poseur: A Memoir of Downtown New York City in the ’90s.

The book recalls Marc’s jounrey from impressionable teen to desperate junkie, to successful journalist and eventually middle-aged writer. Over the course of the book he tells stories of how he fell in love with then-aspiring actress Julie Bowen, mourned the death of Kurt Cobain and other celebrity stories.

Marc attended Bennington College during his youth spending a semester living in Bohemian squalor in Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel. He moved to the pre-gentrified East Village and then to Williamsburg, Brooklyn before it became a hipster haven. Spitz didn’t fall into the debauched, sexually-risky and heroin-polluted culture of 1990’s New York’s hip
demimonde: he pushed himself there.

Poseur pays tribute to New York City’s last bohemian period; the time before Facebook and technology took over our lives.

You can find out more information about Marc and the book at www.marcspitz.com

By Pip Ellwood-Hughes

Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Little Pip Digital.

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